A quick trip to the Thrift Store garnered a few great finds. Welcome, Friends, for a look at what I picked up this week at one store close to us. We had just a few minutes and popped in to our local Thrift Store to see what they had. I find that Thursdays and Fridays are usually good days to shop locally. You get there a few days after Senior discount day and before the Saturday shoppers. Timing can be everything.

First, I found this absolutely gorgeous topper for a table. It is beautifully made with a lovely lavender print in a heavy fabric on the front side and a beautifully embroidered fabric on the backside. It was made in Nice, France and the price was $1.65. Can’t beat that.

A nice baking pan will be used for individual French Bread around the holidays.

Next, we have this darling Charlie Brown tree complete with Linus’ blanket. It also plays the theme song from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Fortunately you can turn it off. LOL

A Barbie ornament from the 1990’s and a Spode ornament found their way into my basket. The ornaments were just over $1 each. Love collecting these special pieces.

Found a roll of burlap ribbon. I always buy ribbon, if its a good price. I have a nice selection now for different projects.

The special find of the day turned out to be these beautiful Italian chargers. The manufacturer is Blanc Mariclo and the pattern is called Tessuti Provenzali. These chargers are beautiful on both sides as you can see from the pictures above. The two tones make them quite special and they are made from glass.

I found one at the front of the store and put it in my cart, just in case. As I looked in the china and glass area I found three more making a total of four. Sometimes things get separated in a Thrift Store so it pays to look in all the areas for matching pieces. These were about $1.50 each. I would have paid more as they are so pretty.

I was happy with all my treasures. Have a great time on your next thrifting adventure.


8 thoughts on “A Few Thrift Store Finds

  1. Those chargers are gorgeous. And, yes, it always pays to look around for others of the same or matching cups for saucers, etc. And it’s so rewarding when you are able to put things together that have been separated!

  2. Lynne, it’s a good thing I’m sitting down when reading your blog. Now I just need to make sure I don’t fall off my chair!!!! The chargers are simply divine & love French linen (& Italian linen). Need I comment again about the PRICES in your area, lololololololol.

    1. I know. I was shocked at the prices, too. Went to another store and Christmas chargers in porcelain red were $4 each so I passed on those. That was their half price number. I was thrilled to find the French topper. thanks for visiting and sharing.

    1. I have been lucky although it’s more difficult finding great items in the last couple of years. I think there are many more shoppers than there used to be. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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