Oh My Gosh! Hallowe’en is over and we are racing to Thanksgiving. I went out thrifting a few days ago and did find a few treasures to share with you. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for Christmas ornaments and holiday decorations. Soon it will be time to start putting out Winter decorations. I’ve packed away all the Halloween decorations and taken everything down from the windows in the Morning Room. We’re really enjoying the unobstructed view into the backyard and the feeling of space.

Found this grapevine wreath for under $2. The cost of these has really gone up and I use them especially in the winter months. This year I’m putting together new wreaths for a different look so needed some additional base wreaths. Grapevine wreaths are nice and sturdy and go well with magnolia.

Also found a collection of twisted paper for $1. These are nice additions to nature crafts. It was nice to find a few different colors.

The wooden welcome sign featuring different hearts will go well with Valentine’s Day this next year. It was also $1. It’s quite sturdy and nicely made.

Found this Fitz & Floyd snowman basket in the original box. It is quite cute and will hold mints or chocolates over the holidays. It was in brand new condition and under $2.

We were lucky to get this Lenox, 12 Days of Christmas, ornament. This is the most expensive one to buy and often goes for over $70 on-line. You’ll see it on my tree this year.

Staying in the Christmas mode, I found this really sweet hand-made picture of Santa and a Snowman. It was nicely framed and the frame was in good condition. A little Windex and it looks wonderful. Can’t wait to put it up. $1.80 was money well spent.

I found four 5-piece place settings as in the picture above of this great stainless steel flatware. Love the burnished steel handles. It’s quite hefty and the pieces were all in great condition. It was $1.50 a place setting. Not too bad.

This set of eight place settings of silver plate in a very simple pattern was quite inexpensive. The silver-plate was in good condition and didn’t even need to be polished. Simple patterns go with lots of different place settings so it’s nice to have some available.

Last thing on the find list was two Art Deco lamps in wrought iron. They were in excellent condition and replaced some glass lamps in the guest bedroom. In the last picture you can see how they look on the night stands flanking the bed. The black bases go well with the art work. I reused the white shades that were on the other lamps. I’ll keep the shades that came with these lamps for another project.

That’s it for this shop. Hope you find some great treasures next time you go thrifting.

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19 thoughts on “Meet Me at the Thrift Store

  1. I think I’m gonna hit the thrift shops after work today – I used to spend an hour here and there, thrifting. It was fun, and I have treasures from those trips! Love the silverplate – what a find~!

  2. Found some great pieces thrifting,and great prices also. The snow man candy dish is super cute, I also like the framed picture. And you can’t go wrong picking up extra wreaths and craft supplies

  3. The pricing and your wonderful finds (each & every posting) never cease to amaze me! One of these days (years) I’ll take a trip to your neck of the woods. Could you explain what twisted paper is & how it would be used? Haven’t seen this product before.

    1. Twisted paper opens up (when you untwist it) into 2″ – 21/2″ ribbon that can be used like any wire edged ribbon. It looks crinkly and is often used in country settings. It will be my first time using it. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

  4. Loved your twisted paper; I have made angels with it; the skirts and wings looked almost like corn husk dolls. I love finding unexpected craft and sewing supplies; it lets me make more for less, for sure! Really enjoyed the Santa/snowman picture and silverware, too.

    1. It was a good thrift store outing. I haven’t used twisted paper before but I’m looking forward to trying it. /finding crafts at the Thrift store is great for the budget and the creative spirit. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  5. Thrift stores are the best! You found so many great finds. So excited to tell you this post will be featured in Tuesday Turn About Link party this week! Thanks for joining us and I hope to see you at the party this week! Pinned! 😊

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