Welcome to the Blog, Friends. I’m so glad you’re here. Today started with this glorious Fall tablecloth with colors of rust and green spread over a white background. I found it a couple of weeks ago at a Thrift Store and it just shouted Fall to me.

A rattan charger was used as a neutral background for the rather colorful dinner plate by Royal Doulton. It’s from their casual, Everyday, line and these plates really pick up the colors in the tablecloth. I have been quite lucky in finding this brand in Thrift Stores. This particular set came with four dinner plates, four salad/dessert plates and four bread and butter plates.

The soup plate is a hand-thrown pottery plate with a plant design in the center. I have 8 different plates with eight different designs. They are quite beautiful and versatile. Another Thrift Store find from a consignment shop at 75% off several years ago.

The soup bowls are colorful with red on the outside and a rusty orange on the inside. The two-handled style is quite appealing and the bowls keep the soup hot for quite some time.

Here’s a close-up in the pictures above of the dinner and salad plates.

The napkins are double-sided with two different patterns and are held by a pottery napkin ring in earth tones. Both were Thrift Store finds and quite inexpensive. The silver-plate is a recent find that had eight, five-piece place settings for under $10. They are in excellent condition and I didn’t have to polish them. It’s a simple pattern that works well in this casual setting.

Crystal is one of my favorite things to find and collect. The water goblet is from my everyday set and is Park Lane by Mikasa. I run across these glasses occasionally and pick them up whenever I see them. My set now includes 12 of each of the types of glasses and in the last year I also found beautiful sherbets in the same pattern. It’s nice to have a few patterns that you can add to by picking up a piece here and there.

The wine glass with its balloon shape is wonderful for red wine. When I find sets like this I always try them in my hand to feel the weight. Some glasses are just too fragile or light to be a good choice for a table setting. I like them to have a bit of weight so they are not easily tipped over.

The centerpiece of gorgeous Fall blooms was a gift and goes so well with the rest of the table setting. The rose picks up the wonderful rusts and pinks in the tablecloth and pulls the whole setting together.

All these patterns and colors come together to form a colorful Fall tablescape all from thrifted items. You can set a beautiful table for very little money, if you find treasures in a Thrift Store.

Next week I’ll be joined by a number of creative Bloggers for a wonderful Thanksgiving Tablescape Blog Hop. Join us for some great ideas for your Thanksgiving table.


8 thoughts on “Casual November Thrifted Tablescape

  1. Such nice muted fall shades for the table. Are you sure that was not a typo…40 silver-plate pieces for $10???? That bargain is unheard of in my neck of the woods!!!

    1. I know, Robin, it was unbelievable but true. I used to be able to find sets for around that price all the time but they have been creeping up so that now I think anything under $20 is a good price. This was an unusual find. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  2. Lynne, I know you already know, but I was very happy to share your post (and those great wooden chargers!!!) at last Wednesday’s Share Your Style #368 for you. <3 I love the table you set up with so many patterns and textures!!! I went with my MIL yesterday to our local thriftshop and there was a lady who just scooped up six identical chargers to the ones you have… Funny that I held onto your post for commenting until today; must be a God thing that yours was saved so I could share that with you!! <3

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and big holiday hugs,
    Barb 🙂

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