So, what happens when your talented Hubby goes out to run a few errands? On this particular morning…a surprise bonanza of great finds. Welcome, Friends, as I share with you my Husband’s great and unexpected trip to the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Usually my Hubby and I go thrifting together and he looks for unusual things and guy stuff and I look mostly at dishes and linens. It divides up well and we do overlap some but it works out.

This morning I had an Italian lesson scheduled with a Friend…we are struggling along together, making some good progress and Hubby set out to take care of a few things. His roaming took him near the local Salvation Army Thrift Store and he decided to stop in. This is not one of the ones we visit frequently as they don’t often have anything interesting to us but every once in awhile they have something great.

After my lesson was over he surprised me with his super finds.

The first was these beautiful glass and silver plates by Akcam. They are made in Turkey and often come in multiple colors. These are quite beautiful and brand new. They are pretty expensive…but not at the Thrift Store today.

His second find…these wonderful Hallowe’en glasses by Kleiner Feigning. They are “Vodka Fig Liquor Cocktail Glasses” and are called “Little Coward”. I love the eyeballs.

Here’s a close-up and then when you look in the glass as you drink from it you see another set of eyeballs watching you from the bottom of the glass. What fun! Apparently these glasses have a big following.

His last find was a super one. This is a set of Godinger, “Old Bouquet” silver plate for 12 with 5 serving pieces. Each place setting consists of five pieces and they are in excellent condition.

Some of the handles need a little more silver polish and elbow grease but they are in remarkably good condition and I love the pattern. The knives are patterned on both sides of the handle which is a bit unusual and makes them extra special. I was truly delighted when he brought these home.

I think I should have him go out on his own more often if he comes back with treasures like these. Happy Thrifting!

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22 thoughts on “Unexpected Thrifting

  1. Your husband has great taste. He’s definitely a keeper šŸ™‚ I especially love the silverware, and have been curious about the sets that you have showcased in the past. When you purchase silverware to keep for yourself, what would you consider a bargain price? I’ve been picking up a few dishes and glasses here and there after reading your blog, but haven’t added any silverware to my collection…yet.

    1. The price I’m willing to spend on silverware depends on the pattern, condition and number of pieces. I use Replacements, Ltd. as a reference for the price. Then I inspect the pieces and see how easy or difficult it would be to polish them. I always count the number of pieces but never purchase less than a complete set for four. Generally, I spend between $8 and $20. $20 would be for a complete set of 12. If a set is missing one or two pieces and its a set of 12 place settings, I would probably buy it, if it was in good condition and $20 or less. Hope this helps.

  2. Your husband is definitely a keeper! I loved the silverware but I loved the glasses, too! As we don’t drink, I often use pretty glasses for desserts. I can just imagine someone’s face as they find the eyeballs in the bottom of the glass after eating pudding! I am convinced sugar-free Jello tastes better in a pretty glass, too! I seldom see silverware sets here in Maine–or the prices are too high for me!

  3. What a terrific score from your hubby!!!! I have a set of Akcam chargers. This company’s wares are usually found in TJMaxx/Marshall’s/Home Goods stores.

  4. Great finds, love the glasses. BUT, the silver is stunning. I’ve picked up a few serving pieces in that pattern over the years and really, the flowers are amazing on it! Great finds!

    1. The set is quite large and weighty. There are some extra pieces but a complete service for 12. You don’t find that too often in a Thrift Store. thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

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