Hallowe’en, celebrated on All Hallow’s Eve, when the veil between this life and the next is said to be thin enough to allow the spirits of the dead to come through. This “Ancient lore” has been passed down from generation to generation and often used in books and movies to scare us at Hallowe’en. I am not much for scaring others or being scared myself but I enjoy using common motifs such as witches’ hats, black cats, etc. in my Hallowe’en decor.

This project started by creating a foam board trapezoid for each of the five sections of the chandelier. My Hubby definitely helped in this project. He measured the individual spaces and created a pattern for each of the sections. Each section was then placed on the chandelier for a “dry fit”.

Next I used the foam board to cut out some Victorian paisley fabric allowing an additional inch of fabric on each side of the trapezoid. Then the fabric was wrapped around the foam board and pinned in place. When the pins were in place the fabric was securely fitted to the board and looked nice and tight.

The pieces were returned to the chandelier to create the top of the witch’s hat. Next came the brim.

Here you see the hat and the brim put together to form the whole Witch’s Hat. The brim was a bit tricky but my clever Hubby figured it out.

First, four black foam boards were put together to form a shape large enough for the witch’s brim. A square piece was inserted between the boards, at the center. Then the center was marked. A tack holding a string the correct length for the outer brim was held in the center and then the string was held taut. A pencil was inserted at the end of the string and was dragged all around to form a circle. A second circle was drawn about 8 inches from the first circle. Then the lines were used to cut out the brim.

In the first picture you can see the cutout and the tape that was used to hold the large pieces together. Then the brim was wrapped in textured, loose woven, fabric in black. You can see a close-up of the fabric in the last picture but the flash bleached out the color. The center picture shows the true color and how the fabric was wrapped around and secured with pins.

Zip ties were inserted through a small hole in the brim at each of five attachment points on the chandelier. Then they were tightened to hold the brim in place.

The hat is complete and looks great. This project was a bit time consuming but cost about $15. The foam board was $1.25 a sheet at Dollar Tree and the fabric I got for about $10.00 at Walmart. Pretty economical for such a big statement. The fabric for the brim was part of a $3 wreath lot at a Thrift Store. After I took it off the wreath forms I washed it and it was ready for a new project.

This project turned out really well and looks very witchy.

Here’s a picture of the completed hat with some Fall leaves as an embellishment and the table set for Halloween. Good luck with your own chandelier.


33 thoughts on “Turn a Chandelier Into a Witch’s Hat

  1. Oh my gosh, I just love this. You had the perfect shape chandelier for this project. You & your hubby make a great team!

  2. Great project! You are lucky your hubby enters into your projects. My SO is so NOT crafty or carpenter-y. Several years ago I got him to help paint “snow” on pine cones and I haven’t tried again! He does know the required response when I show him a project, though (OOOH, AHHH!)!!!

  3. This is so clever, spooky and awesome!! Such a good idea. I love it. Come share (Tuesday 9am- Thursday 5pm) at my Home Imagined Link party. Have a great weekend.

  4. Brilliant and beautiful and goes so perfectly with your Halloween decor. Featuring when my party opens!

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