“There’s a Little Witch in All of Us”…one of the well known quotes from Alice Hoffman’s 1995 book, “Practical Magic”. It’s a tale of two sisters navigating the trials of love in the “real”world with just a touch of magic. The book was turned into a very successful movie in 1998 and has become a favorite to watch during the Halloween season.

Before entering into Practical Magic a big thank you to Rita of Panoply for hosting this wonderfully fun and creative Halloween Tablescape Blog Hop. If you’ve just come from Home Is Where the Boat Is, welcome. What a super Halloween tablescape she put together. It’s great to gather with all these talented Bloggers for a little “Spooky” creativity. You’ll find the links to their Blog Sites listed at the end. Have fun exploring all their wonderfully creative ideas for some haunting Halloween tables.

For me, one of the best reasons to watch the movie, Practical Magic, is to see the house in which the sisters grew up. It’s a picturesque Victorian situated at the edge of the sea complete with beautiful gardens and a conservatory for drying herbs and mixing herbal products and… a few magic potions.

Welcome to the Blog today for a slightly Victorian table setting reminiscent of the movie, “Practical Magic”.

The theme “Practical Magic” allowed me to incorporate some lovely elements that include elegant and fun bits from the movie to create a Victorian tablescape with a bit of “witchy” fun. A black table cloth with a white lace overlay was my starting point. Each place setting has its “witch’s” hat in a Victorian paisley pattern with a black brim embellished with potpourri. Rose petals appear in the movie so it seemed appropriate to include them in the place setting. A quote from the movie was placed at each setting…something the guests can keep. Mounted on a chalkboard and completed with a ribbon the favor can be hung in a favorite spot when the guest returns home.

Here’s a closer look at the quote in its Victorian frame.

The hats were a fun project to make. I used two different embellishments…the bow and the flower in jet black beads.

The witch hats looked very much at home with the black and white motif. You can see the plate stack in the above picture. A silver charger with a beautiful scrolled edge holds a black and white paisley plate that blends with the paisley fabric in the witch hats. A beautiful black china plate edged in gold with an inner rim of gold comes next. Finally a white plate edged in black and gold gives a nice background for the hat.

A closer look at the plates can be seen above. Royal Stafford and Lenox china paired together well in this setting.

An etched cut crystal goblet was paired with a silver wine goblet to reinforce the Victorian theme. The silver was left unpolished as a nod to Hallowe’en.

Silver-plated flatware in a lovely floral pattern fit in well with all the flowers and herbs seen in the movie. A black napkin was held in place with a twisted black wire napkin ring. A broom, with the brush pointing up for good luck, was inserted in the napkin ring. Every self-respecting witch needs her broom.

In the center of the table a ring of Fall flowers surrounds the stem of the candelabra. A bit of color in the black and white setting brings the garden to the table.

Here you can see the candelabra rising out of the ring of flowers. The candelabra is quite intricate in twisted wrought iron and holds six white candles. White because only white magic is practiced here.

The windows behind the table look out into the garden. They are decorated with grasses and cats, a spooky light up sign , brass candles, and a potpourri crescent moon filling the lower middle window. A pumpkin in the same paisley fabric as the Witch hats fills the right hand window. Two black cats, one on either side of the center window, are poised to watch the fun.

Looking into the room you can see the gallery wall decorated for a “Practical Magic” Halloween. The chandelier is turned into a witch’s hat made from the same paisley fabric as the witch hats on the table and the pumpkin in the window. Herbals both modern and antique are displayed on the shelves. Potion mixing begins with an understanding of herbal plants.

The “There’s a Little Witch In All of Us” sign was made especially for Hallowe’en and is a quote from the movie. Black cats abound in “Practical Magic”. Cats have been a witch’s familiar in much of the lore surrounding witches. Pages from an herbal from the early 18th Century sit next to a wood block of a Medieval maker of pewter items. Knowledge of herbs and their properties and the alchemy involved in making metals were tools used by wise women and alchemists who were some of our first chemists and doctors.

The full moon is an amazingly beautiful part of Hallowe’en lighting the sky with silver light. The Penny Magazine excerpt about the Moon is from the 1820’s. The facets of the moon and the placement of the stars have been studied for centuries. A simple depiction of three favorite herbs is set in a white frame. The wonderful cat pen and ink drawing framed in black and gold is by a Georgian (Russian) artist who is quite well known. His name is Irakli Gabashvili and he made this original drawing in 1994. We found it at a local Thrift Store a few years ago and just love the image. The artist did a series of cats from T.S. Elliot’s work that was later made into the stage show, “Cats”. This is “Gus the Theater Cat” whose full name is Asparagus. He loves to come out during the Hallowe’en season and perform on his Pen and Ink stage.

More cats stand or sit around the room and the one above has just eaten a fish. Another Thrift Shop find, he really is quite fun at night with a votive candle lighting his skeletal fish.

A witch’s hat sets the room aglow at dusk. The light is dimming and night is drawing closer. Soon it will be the witching hour and magic will be in the air.

Candlelight casts a soft glow in the room and all things seem possible.

The candelabra looks mysterious but not scary. Spells will be cast but only for happy endings. No black magic is welcome at this table.

Everything looks softer by candlelight. Reflections in the window magnify the light and the crescent moon shows beautifully with its lovely rose color.

The place settings are ready for guests to sit down and enjoy a wonderful Hallowe’en dinner.

“Always throw spilt salt over your left shoulder. Keep rosemary by your garden gate. Plant lavender for luck and fall in love whenever you can.”…Practical Magic

Hallowe’en words to live by in this “Practical Magic” Halloween.

Happy Hallowe’en!

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43 thoughts on “Practical Magic Halloween

  1. Lynne, woman you have really pulled out all the stops for a bewitching tablescape with good, fun practical magic! I love all the fun, positive side of things you note – the right side up broom, the message on the place cards, the casting of spells for happy endings – all well played and carried out in your tablescape. The place settings themselves are a perfect nod to the Victorian high style, and that chandelier covering (tutorial, please! How in the world….?!) is just so awesome. It’s a close tie for me with that and that candelabra – a perfectly gnarly and mysterious appearance for the table. All the window and wall ledge treatments are perfectly suited too. Love your finds and descriptions thereof. Thank you for delivering your [practical] magic to our hop!

    1. It’s always a pleasure to join your hop. This was particularly fun as My daughter provided the overall theme and my Hubby hoped carry out the more difficult parts. We were all pleased with the results and will probably keep it up until the 31st. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Lynne, I just loaned my copy of “Practical Magic” to a friend. It is a favorite movie to watch in October! You did such an amazing job creating a Victorian tablescape and the chandelier is unbelievable!!!
    Sitting at this table for a Halloween meal would fill me with delight 🙂

    Happy October,

  3. You know I am a fan…I highlighted your witch hat favors on my blog but your witch hat chandelier is AMAZING! Such a great witchy themed tablescape! So fun to blog hop with you!


    1. Appreciate you highlighting the witch hat favors. I’ll be posting a tutorial on the chandelier later this week. It was a challenge but turned out pretty well. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Lynn…what a great and informative table you have created. The movie is such a wonderful inspiration and that is right up my alley. I love movies and I like to incorporate them into my tablescapes when I can. You captured it beautifully. I’m going to replicate those little brooms (if I can)
    Happy October and Blessings

    1. Thanks, Kari. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble with the brooms. I watched the movie again just before putting this together…research
      LOL. It was fun to try to incorporate some of the aspects of the movie into a table setting. Thanks for visiting.

  5. What a fun theme/idea Lynne, and I love that you used your fabulous witch hats you shared on our recent craft hop! I LOVE how you made your chandy into a matching witch hat!! Such a fun table, and wow, that candle light chandelier at night is beautiful! I love the gallery wall too, with all the herbal pages ready to reference for potion making, and the black cats everywhere~ The plate stacks are beautiful on the silver chargers and paired with crystal and silver goblets, so pretty, and all your references to the Practical Magic movie are such fun…Happy Halloween!

    1. Happy Halloween. The candelabra was a thrift store find and I use it quite a lot. It worked well in this setting and the pictures don’t really do it justice. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Lynne, how very clever and creative of you to use the movie to inspire your exceptional styling! I haven’t seen the movie for years, and am going to search for it through all my TV subscriptions this evening. Your witch hat table favors and coordinating decorated chandy are magical! Love the plate stack and your use of thrifted finds. Your etched crystal looks similar to my great grandmother’s Rose Point pattern that I cherish. Thanks for spreading some white, positive magic with your lovely table.

    1. The table setting was a pleasure to put together. I love the crystal, too. It brings back an era where more care was taken in the dining room, although I recognize that was only for those at the top of the social scale. I would probably have been in the kitchen. LOL Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the movie.

  7. Lynne, this is such a beautiful and elegant Halloween table. The witches hat chandelier is adorable and a perfect addition to your theme. I love the napkin rings accented by the little witches’ brooms. What a cute touch! I have never seen “Practical Magic.” I will have to watch it. It has been so much fun joining you on this hop. Happy Halloween!

  8. Lynne, I love that a movie inspired this Victorian styled table. The plate stack is really beautiful and the witches hat chandelier is amazing. I have not seen this movie, but now I want to because of your stunning table! It is also enchanting by candlelight. Happy Autumn!

  9. Lynne, you have set a fabulous table for Practical magic. I love those witch hats.
    Your overall photo of the table is lovely. The giant hat on the chandelier is so fun. The plate stack is wonderful and such great finds. Always a pleasure joining you.

  10. I adore your Practical Magic theme for your table Lynne and agree, ‘every self-respecting witch needs her broom’! I love the hats your created and embellished in the paisley print, beautiful plate stack with Royal Stafford plates and witch hat chandy and your cats. Your quotes make a wonderful and thoughtful takeaway for your guests. It’s a treat to join you at the table and hop with you. Happy October!

    1. Practical Magic had so many great decor ideas embedded in the film it was easy to pull out a few for the table setting. cats are a favorite, as they are with you, and always fun to feature. Lovely to hop with you.

  11. Wow, what elegance to spooky. Fine dining in a classy atmosphere with mystical decor. I immediately fell in love with the witch’s hat lighting to match the table’s witches hats. The dinnerware and beautiful crystal is so exquisite. The details give it a subtle thrill like the witch’s broom tucked into the napkins. All of the textures and the pop of color with the floral centerpiece really makes it inviting and less bone chilling. Most of all, I am so excited over the little cat with the fish bones in the tummy. It is so unique and must be adorable lit up with a tea light. The framed pictures are a great touch to the entire Halloween theme. I love the adorable cat. It is so cute at any time of the year. It looks so precious. Great piece. Happy Halloween.

    1. The cat with the fish in his tummy is my daughter’s favorite. It really does look adorable at night. This was a very enjoyable project and not spooky at all. I’m not a huge fan of horror films but Practical Magic is more about family dynamics with a little magic throw in. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Practical Magic is one of my favorite books (I love the movie, too). I love your theme!!! The light fixture is over the top. I love it! I also like that you showed photos at night. Of course the quotes are a favorite! Your tablescape has made my day! I actually have original artwork in our home of the Owens Sisters’ home. Happy Halloween!

  13. What a lovely and somewhat creepy tablescape for Halloween! I love so many of the elements. The DIY witch hats are fantastic! I love how you did the hat in the chandelier to coordinate with those on your table. The entire table is even more ‘creepy’ after dark with the glow of the candles both on the table and on the window sill. You pulled it together wonderfully! Happy Halloween!

  14. Magic and Halloween are a great pairing for an intriguing tablescape. The black and white linens and dishware are in their element as a Victorian stage for the fun witchy hats and black cats. The candelabra looks very organic, especially at night. Enjoyed hopping with you!

  15. You had me at that candelabra! I love the Victorian theme. I have never seen Practical Magic, but now it is a must see for me! Your plate stack is stunning in a very eery magical way. I love the etched glassware paired with the silver goblets. Especially how they reflect the candlelight! Your witches hat are darling. The black and white pattern works so well with the victorian theme and the roses petals add that mystical touch! Your light fixture is amazing, and the little elements of Halloween sprinkled throughout really are the perfect touch!

  16. Lynne, I love your Victorian Halloween tablescape. I’ve never seen Practical Magic…you’ve peaked my curiosity so now I want to check it out! My favorite details are the witches brooms tucked under the napkin rings and the fabulous embellished hats. It was fun hopping with you. Happy Halloween!

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