Welcome to the Blog today, Friends, as I try putting together a basket to hang on the door. This could go on your front door or on an inside door to bring a little Fall color to your home.

This basket started out as a Thrift Store find that had seen better days. The elements were old and dusty and had definitely lost their vibrancy. However, the basket was in good shape and after removing everything and cleaning it out it was ready to have a new arrangement. I put some florist foam in the bottom of the basket and then gathered together some flowers.

I gathered the picks together in my hand and then, when I was pleased with the bouquet, I wired the stems together to hold them in place. They were inserted into the basket leaning towards one side on a slight diagonal.

I added a large bow made from a netted material to the other side and anchored it in the foam using a pick wired to the bow.

I reused the bird’s nest from the original arrangement and then tucked in some additional blooms. Some of the flowers I had trailing down the side of the basket.

I think it turned out pretty well and added some nice nice color to the kitchen. It’s fun to be able to repurpose a thrift Store find. I invested a total of $2.50 and then just reused things I already had at home. Look for a great basket at your local Thrift Store and turn it into some wonderful Fall decor. Have a great week!


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