August Thrift Store shopping this year has really offered some wonderful finds. Today is no exception and I am really excited to share these found treasures with you. Welcome to the blog for the last thrift shop in August. You can see from the picture above that it is quite eclectic and I will be sharing some prices with you as I was quite taken aback by how little I had to pay. I think you will be pretty astonished, too.

First up is this case from, “The Ultimate Crafter’s Company”. It contains everything you need for cutting and scoring cards of different types. It contains instructions and an instructional video that is very helpful in putting this to use in your card making. The complete case with everything in it was $2.25. If you enjoy making your own cards, this is a great find.

These five wreath forms of varying sizes were a package deal for $2.20. Considering the price of wreath forms today, this was quite a bargain.

Next I found these shoe clips for $1. I don’t really need them for my shoes but thought they would make great additions to some table top witch hat decorations.

These yellow wooden napkin rings were a nice find as I don’t have this color. They’ll be great for Fall.

As we’re sharing napkin rings, these are Lenox in the “Butterfly Meadow” pattern. They sell online for $10 per napkin ring. I was lucky to find eight of them for 50 cents each. They will go with my Lenox china in the same pattern and make a nice supplement to the pattern.

This sweet wooden box is lined with plastic and meant to hold earth and a plant. I’m looking forward to planting some herbs in the box and having it ready for Thanksgiving. The box looks really rustic and appealing.

Found this very sweet little bunny who will look great in a Spring table setting or vignette.

These beautiful gold accented plates are in wonderful condition but I don’t know the maker. I’ll be using them at Hallowe’en and for any other dinner party where you need a touch of elegance.

This is a wonderful wooden Lazy Susan from Hobby Lobby. I saw them there for $24.99 the same day I found this one. It will be another great addition to Thanksgiving and the Thrift Store price was $2.25. I was astonished.

This next set of plates (four of them) is in a really interesting pattern. The part of the plate outside the leaf is raised. There are no maker’s marks on the plates so don’t know where they come from. If anyone has information about them, I would love to know. They are in this beautiful sea green color and the leaves might be banana leaves? The oval shape is impressive and certainly large enough for a dinner plate…$2.50.

The Flea Market sign was a real gem and I already have visions of where it will go and what it will pair with. It needed a repair on one of the hinges which my Hubby was able to fix in a few minutes. The board is solid wood and not MDF so it is quite heavy. I loved the color and the font choice. It is a great piece. The sign cost $2.25. You can believe I was practically running to the cash register with this one and also guarding my cart.

The last find was this super sign made of rough wood boards. The stag is probably a stencil and was painted onto the board. Love how the dark brown contrasts with the white but still looks rustic. This sold at Hobby Lobby for about $55. The cost of this piece was $2.25. I couldn’t believe it. I’m going to be working with woodland decor including deers as part of my December holiday decorations. This was perfect.

It seemed like $2.25 was the price of the day and I was so pleased to find these great treasures. I guess August thrifting was better than I expected.

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18 thoughts on “Last Thrift Shop in August

  1. Great finds! Too funny!!!! Did you miss the store sign as you entered that stated “Any item over $5.00 is only $2.25 today ony”?? LOLOLOLOL. It is so unbelievable!

    1. I know. I still can’t believe the prices. It was such a good day and quite unusual. Then a couple of days ago found two Waterford champagne flutes for $1.50 each. Another unbelievable find. You’ll see them soon. Thanks for the comments and the humor.

  2. Oh, if we had been together, we would have grabbed a LOT of the same things! My daughter’s best friend makes those netting wreathes–just shared a few with her! I wrapped one with a 2″ wide ribbon and was not sure I liked the look. Have hot glued fall leaves to another and liked that. That card making gadget was a STEAL! I love making cards–8 grands between us besides a bunch of “old: people” I like to remember on holidays! I love using the wooden napkin rings for dollhouse end tables, topped with a mirror, piece of glass, etc! I have glued cardboard bottoms to others and made large plant pots! Can’t wait to see your witch hats! Are the green plates Pinero (sp?), They do look like Majolica.

    1. You sound like a true crafter with many interests that I’m grateful that you have shared so many ideas. Haven’t done a lot of card making but I probably will give it a try now. I don’t think the plates are Pinero and I agree they look like Majolica but they don’t have any identifiable markers. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

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