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Simple Herbal Dish Tablescape

Transitional table settings are quite fun to put together. You have the best of two seasons in the blending of Summer and Fall colors. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends as I share this tablescape with you.

It started with this lovely seersucker tablecloth. These gorgeous roses are scattered all over the white background. The yellows are quite deep and so are the greens leading the way to Fall.

I used a dark green wooden charger as the base for this setting. It picks up the green in the tablecloth and deepens it. The dinner plate is white like the background of the tablecloth and has a simple edging around the rim. The plates are Wedgewood. Then some of my favorite herbal plates in deep yellow like the roses with a different herb featured in the center of each plate make up the top layer. The silver-plate flatware is “Caprice” by Oneida Silver. A scattering of flowers is engraved on the handle of each piece.

Here’s a better look at one of the plates. This one features a Basil plant. On the corner of each plate is a sprig of fresh Basil.

Napkins in the same color family are paired with the plates. The napkin is placed between the dinner and salad/dessert plate and drapes over the edge of the dinner plate.

The centerpiece is composed of mums and carnations with even a thistle as part of the arrangement. Mums are typical Fall flowers but the colors are still not fully Fall.

Here’s an overhead view of the table. I love how all the colors blend together with a leaning towards the end of Summer. Simple and pretty is a nice approach to a table.

The water glass and the wine glass are quite different. The water glass reminds me of an old-fashioned table and the wine glass is much more modern. They work well together eve though they are quite different.

You can see a little bit of Fall in the background here. Soon we will be celebrating the Fall season with pumpkins and apples and deep, rich colors. For now it’s still a lovely thing to celebrate good food and friendship with a table that’s not quite Fall.

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