Welcome, Friends, to the Blog today. I have a few finds to share with you from this weeks outing at the Thrift Stores. You can see from the picture above that the finds are pretty eclectic. That’s part of the fun.

First up is a little Easter magic with a swag of Easter bunnies in black and white check on a burlap background. They are hanging on a twine rope and are so cute. I have Easter bunny dishes in black and white as well as a runner in the same pattern. I also have some of the black and white checked carrots so these will fit right in. I paid $1.50 for all. Not too bad.

I found this whole bouquet of cotton balls on long stems. I have priced them at Hobby Lobby and found them to be quite expensive for a single stem. I was able to get this whole bunch for the price of one stem. Not too shabby. I have a few others stored so I’m looking forward to using them in an arrangement soon.

This water goblet is by Boston and Sandwich and is called “Lincoln Drape”. It dates to 1865. They are pretty rare so it was nice to find one in perfect condition at the Thrift Store.

Also found two Lenox balloon wine glasses in red. I love the shape of these. They were about $1 each. They are marked “Lenox”on the base of the glass. I always “ring” the glass to hear if the sound is pure. There were three glasses but when I “rang” one, it had a clunking sound. On further inspection you could see tiny cracks throughout the glass. Always a good idea to hear the “ring” before buying.

Goodwill had these really pretty plates from Portugal. The rims are raspberry checks edged in gold. I was surprised to see that they are in perfect condition and will go well with any white dishes to add some color and style. The maker is Block Spal and the pattern is “Sunset”. The plates were 50 cents each. A nice find.

Finally, if you follow the Blog you know that I’ve been collecting “Butterfly Meadow” china by Lenox. I’d been looking for four more dinner plates and found them this week. These actually have the labels still on the back. I was so excited. Now I can set a complete table with this very pretty china. It was a good day.

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16 thoughts on “This Week at the Thrift Store

  1. Oh, I bet it was hard doing a happy dance with an arm load of china! So glad you found the rest of your Butterfly dinner plates. Those cranberry plates will be perfect for any patriotic holiday, Christmas, and even fall! You will be ready for next Easter with that bunny garland! I admit to being a crystal pinger; I have a friend who always had to jingle the windchimes. My daughter always set off all the Christmas musical things in Wal-Mart! That Lincoln Drape glass is a treasure and perfect for a hydrangea or peony!

    1. It was a nice haul. I think when you visit thrift stores you have to develop some ways to make sure the items you are purchasing are in good condition. There’s nothing worse than coming home and finding the piece you found can’t be used. Sounds like you have some nice shopping memories. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fantastic, Lynne. I have 3 of those kind of carrots, all b&w fabric of different patterns. Those raspberry edged plates are great, and yes, those cotton boll stems have maintained high pricing for several years. SCORE!

    1. Hi Rita, we’ll have to compare decorating notes next Easter with our black and white accents. The raspberry plates are really versatile and I know I’ll be using them a lot throughout the year and already planning arrangements for the cotton boll stems. I’m working on redecorating our living room now with finds from marketplace and thrift store/consignment shops. I know you have just done that with your home. It’s fun but challenging. Can’t wait to share pictures and see what you think. thanks for visiting.

  3. What a great idea to ring glassware. Thank you for the tip. This is a great haul all together but what a wonderful find to complete your Butterfly Meadow. Looking forward to the tablescape. XO- MaryJo

    1. You should definitely “ring” when considering glassware. The Butterfly china was exciting to find. I do love how each one is different. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  4. Love: (in order) the raspberry plates, Boston drape, red goblets. The cotton bolls were a great find as they always lend a homey touch.

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