Pop Art was a style of painting developed in the 1960’s and founded by such artists as Lichtenstein and Warhol. These Artists took ideas from popular culture, made them larger than life, and painted them right into the fabric of the Art World. Recently, an artist friend of mine, Cornelia, created pieces for a Pop Culture themed table setting for an Art Benefit. I asked to borrow them for a table setting to share with you. Her artist was Roy Lichtenstein. Welcome to the Blog today for a look at a 1960’s Pop Culture table setting inspired by Roy Lichtenstein.

You can see from the picture above that the centerpiece is created in primary colors with words that might appear in a comic strip. This was a technique employed by Lichtenstein in many of his paintings. The flower-like words are contained in a wooden box painted bright yellow with images Lichtenstein used in some of his paintings added to the sides of the box.

The use of primary colors adds to the fun of the centerpiece and makes it the center of attention. The centerpiece sits on a wooden round painted white.

Cornelia created these great graphics on placemat-sized canvas board and on the night of the gala they were used as placemats. I decided to use them as a focal point to hold the centerpiece. The mats sit on a dark blue tablecloth that acts as a neutral backdrop for all the bright colors.

The original table setting had a black tablecloth that was used on all the tables at the event. It looks so…….cool!

My plate stack for this setting starts with a red rattan charger. The dinner plate is Polish and has lots of dots just like Lichtenstein’s work. The dessert/salad plate is Villeroy and Boch’s wave pattern. It has lots of movement in the plate.

Here’s a closer look.

I used a Mikasa goblet with more dots as the wine glass and “Melissa” by Tiffin-Franciscan for the water goblet. They are really different but then so is the art.

The silver-plate flatware is “Royal Plume” by International Silver, one of my favorite patterns.

Cornelia even made napkin holders by painting wooden holders in blue and red and adding a large white dot to each to blend with the rest of the table art. I set them on the plate sitting up on a base of poofed napkin. They seem to fit right in.

Here’s a view looking across the whole table. It’s such a fun setting and brings out the light-heartedness in all of us.

Cornelia dressed in retro-60’s complete with Go Go Boots. The table setting compliments her outfit. She is Soooooo Cooool! I’m happy to report the event was a big success and all the tables were admired by the attendees.

Here’s an overhead view of the table and the wonderful way in which Pop Art and tablesettings come together.

This definitely carries some impact….Wham!, Pow! Pop!


10 thoughts on “Tablescape…In Search of Roy Lichtenstein

  1. Enjoyed this tablescape. When I first saw the picture, I was sure I was going to be looking at firecrackers for the 4th of July; it would be an easy addition! I love red/white/blue–now with yellow–this time of year.

    1. I thought of using this table setting for Forth of July but couldn’t wait. The yellow is a nice b right addition to the color palate. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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