Greetings and welcome, Friends. It’s time for Sunday flowers and a little outdoor vignette in the garden. In the picture above you can see that I’ve made a small flower arrangement in a metal watering can. I sometimes use this instead of a basket to gather flowers. You can fill the bottom of the can with water and the flowers are happy while you wander and pluck a blossom here and there. It turned out to be a pretty display without my doing much arranging.

The large terra cotta pot in the back holds mums which are getting larger now that the weather is warmer. It sits on a cement cover over a drain and is backed by a rock wall. Herbs grow all around flanked by stone pathways. You can see oregano in the front and lemon verbena in the back. It is so fragrant and a pleasant place to sit amongst the plants.

The can holds two varieties of hydrangea, the purple which is quite colorful and the blue with its soft sky colors. Two different varieties of yarrow are also in the container. I have a white yarrow and a yellow. I also have pink and orange but they bloom at slightly different times. A few daisies made it into the arrangement with some lemon balm. Daisies are happy flowers with their sunny faces.

The dappled sunshine picks out one flower or another to highlight. Here the daisy is the star of the moment.

Another angle brings out the purple hydrangea. I love the casual, relaxed look of a bouquet of garden flowers. Formal gardens definitely have their place in the landscape but the cottage garden makes me happy.

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday and a wonderful Memorial Day as we remember those who gave their lives for us.


6 thoughts on “Outdoor Flower Vignette on Sunday

  1. So pretty. I am recovering from Covid and reading e-mail is about the height of my ambition. Your cheerful, colorful post brought a smile to my face. Thanx!

    1. Wishing you a speedy recovery and happy you enjoyed the post. Flowers can lift the spirit and a friendly word makes a bright spot in anyone’s day. Your comment made my day brighter. Thanks

  2. Lynne, your extraordinary touch for making people smile is on the move, near and far. Not just for those who are lucky enough to have you as their neighbor. Kathy A’s comment warmed my heart because YOU were able put a smile on her face as she recovers from Covid, by the beautiful photos and the very colorful words you use, as you have that special knack.
    🇺🇸Blessings to you and Ron and to your readers as we remember why we are a free people🇺🇸
    ox ~Sally Ann

    1. You always bring a smile to my face. So happy we are friends. Have a wonder Memorial Day with your Family as we remember all those who have given their lives for us. Ciao!

      1. Really gorgeous…we are just finally getting the yard in shape…5 weeks worth of work in less than 2 weeks! UGH…Your can and yard look scrumptious! Sandi

      2. This put itself together with very little work from me. Always nice when that happens. the beginning of the season can be very labor intensive but then you get to enjoy all that work. Thanks for commenting.

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