If you follow the Blog, you know that I just had a Garage Sale. It was actually in two parts; the first was a community event last Saturday. You can take a look at the post here for some tips to help you have a successful sale.

The Yard/Tag Sale…..Give Me Strength!

Then we did Part 2 which was just a couple of days ago on Friday. We had so much stuff it was hard to get all of it out for the Community sale on Saturday. We did really, really well but still had things left over after the Saturday sale. So, rather than take everything to a local charity which would have involved packing everything up and hauling it, we decided to have an “Everything is a dollar ($1)” sale on Friday for a couple of hours. We advertised it well on local media, made a few signs and we were done. It was great. Almost everything was sold. We were a few hundred dollars richer and had very little to take to Goodwill. So, if your choice is to haul things to a local charity or sell the remainder for $1 an item, selling it for $1 works well.

Now on to the latest thrifting finds.

I’ll start with these Plant Nanny stakes that work with a plastic water or soda bottle…..one of the large ones. You put it beside a plant in your garden and it slowly waters the roots over a few days. Works great.

I found these two terrific tablecloths with flower motifs. They are very colorful and sweet with no stains or snags. They laundered well and are ready to use now on the table. You’ll be seeing them soon.

Next are these Wedgewood plates. Wedgewood is a very old English maker and I love their china. These are white with a higher rim which gives them a bit different look. They are dinner size but would work well for lunch, too. They are in excellent condition with no chips, scratches or knife marks.

Finally, here are six Butterfly Meadow plates by Lenox. They are the salad/dessert size and you could use them for luncheon plates as well. Each design is a different butterfly. They are so pretty and will go nicely with other pieces I have. Still looking for four more dinner plates. One day……! Not a huge haul but some nice pieces. Hope you have some fun looking for treasures this week.

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7 thoughts on “Latest Thrifting Adventure

  1. Good finds – I still can’t believe how many Butterfly Meadow pieces you find. I guess if people around here have them, they are keeping them! I enjoy seeing what you find in your area.

  2. You are working on a great Butterfly Meadow collection. And those tablecloths will be great with them, too! Glad your yard sales went well! It is such a lot of work!

    1. I am so happy the yard sale is done and than we spent three days cleaning and rearranging the garage. That is done now, too. Yay! The Butterfly Meadow pieces are not that easy to find and I actually end up paying a bit more for them as they are priced higher because they are Lenox. The thrift stores seem to be. more brand conscious lately. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Such a great springtime haul. In this townhouse complex we cannot have any tag sales. Bah Humbug. Not that I have much. But it is nice to know about $1 sale!

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