Welcome to the blog today, Friends, for a little outdoor flower vignette. I used a number of different elements but they all seemed to come together in the end. You can see in the photo above that the yellow chair adds a spot of color that is picked up in the yellow Iris in the steel oil can. You can also see some yellow in the tri-colored candles sitting on the shabby chic candle holders. The candle holders are a recent find and look to be hand carved.

You get a good look at the candle holders and the steel oil can in this picture. I did move them around a bit after I took this picture. The can is filled with a variety of flowers from my garden. We have late blooming dogwood, adding the green, and purple Japanese Iris for a nice contrast. A yellow Iris anchors the center along with some interesting yarrow, not the typical yellow.

The stone fountain in the back is right outside our screened porch. It adds the lovely sound of running water…..another thrifting find from a few years ago. In this picture I tucked the taller pillar candlestick behind the flowers and tucked the shorter one in front. A blue and green flower pot holds some purple pansies. The can is sitting on some great flower arranging books for inspiration.

Here’s an overhead view of the arrangement. Nice and bright with some dappled sunlight coming through. Fortunately, no rain in sight.

Hope you all have a chance to be outside in your gardens this weekend enjoying the peacefulness that nature offers.


21 thoughts on “Sunday Flowers Vignette

  1. Happy Sunday, Lynne! Yes, I have been in the garden for several hours yesterday and today. Two more small trees planted, yeah! The back fence is finally getting its plants. ๐Ÿ’• Enjoy your pretty shaded garden here!!!

    Barb ๐Ÿ‘’

    1. Happy Sunday, Barb. It is so nice to be outside working in the flowers. I planted peonies this week, one of my favorite flowers. they are a challenge this far south but so far I’ve been pretty lucky. Wishing you a great week.

  2. I’m afraid I would have displaced the pot of flowers on the chair and sat myself down with a tall glass of iced tea for a break! Love the yellows and pale greens; very pretty!

    1. Later in the day I did but it was a glass of white wine instead of iced tea. Lovely little spot amongst the flowers and the cascading water. Thanks for commenting.

  3. You thrifted the fountain? That is AMAZING!!! I really like it. The pansies will bloom up nicely.

  4. My husband is so good at thrifting, but I tend to lose patience. Thanks for the motivation here to keep trying by sharing your beautiful finds.

    1. We use the fountain almost every day. It has a wonderful sound and really relaxes you when you sit outside and listen to the water and the birds. Thanks for commenting

  5. Love that yellow chair!! It just makes everything pop!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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