Welcome, Friends, to today’s tablescape using shades of pink from the plates to the centerpiece and even including a view to the outdoors. Pink is such a Spring color that looks great in combination with other colors as well. Today I matched it with grey and white.

This photo I took over the weekend got me thinking about shades of pink. This flower goes from a deep rose to a lighter pink with even a hit of orange in the darker shades. I thought it was inspiring.

I used three different English plates in the plate stack. They fit together well with just a bit of the rim showing for each plate below the top Churchill plate. I found this one recently so wanted to use it. The others are Johnson Bros. and Crown Ducal. It’s more difficult to find these plates in the Thrift Store so I pick them up whenever I see them. The patterns are all different and there is color variation in the flowers and scenes depicted on the different plates. It’s fun to mix and match.

I chose “Adoration” by International Silver for the flatware. The pattern is simple but I liked how the pattern is repeated on the knife handle. Not too busy but has some interest.

The plates, crystal and flatware were all placed on this beautiful grey placemat. I love how scrolled vines occupy a third of the mat and then you have 2/3 of the mat in a simple grey and white stripe.

The water glass is “Milano” by Godinger and the wine glass is “Star Blossom” by Gorham. The patterns are similar as is the shape of the bowl on each glass.

I used one of my favorite glass napkin rings to hold the pink and white napkin. The napkin has some decorative stitching around the edge for added interest.

I kept the centerpiece very simple with some azaleas and miniature mums in a ceramic flower holder that picks up the grey in the placemats. Adds a bit of blue to the table setting as well.

I also tried it on a pretty elaborate silver tray. Not sure which one I like best.

Here’s a picture with the silver tray and the table as a whole.

Here it is without the silver tray. A bit simpler.

Part of the fun of setting a table in the Morning Room is the view that you can see from the window into the garden. Azaleas, phlox, viburnum and flowering trees are all beginning to bloom and it is quite peaceful. You can see my herb garden to the left and the herbs are doing well for this early in the year.

It’s a pretty place to sit and enjoy a meal as you soak up a bit of nature from the windows. Everything on the table was thrifted but the flowers.

Hope you all get to enjoy some nice Spring weather this week.


13 thoughts on “…..in the Pink!

  1. It all looks nice together, love the plates! Thanks so much for linking up at the Crafty Creators Link Party 13. Pinned.

  2. Always enjoy your posts. I think you may have recently done some upgrades to your website? Pictures appear full screen but text is so very tiny it is barely readable. Love the big photos though. I use Safari on a Mac in case that matters…

  3. I like the placemats (a little bit of scroll to tie into the plates with additional offset of stripes). For that reason I prefer the centerpiece without the tray. Linear vase structure ties to the stripes. With the tray it would be too much embellishment and overshadow the plate stack.

  4. Pretty! I love the “flower holder”. Seems odd calling it a vase. Did you make it yourself or buy it manufactured like that? I gotta try assembling one for myself. I like it better without the silver tray.

    1. Hi Ann, I bought the holder just like you see it. You could probably assemble some individual pieces and then put it together. I like it better without the tray, too. simpler. thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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