Good morning, Friends and welcome to the Blog today. I put together a simple Spring/Easter vignette on a tray for you to enjoy. I was inspired by the bunnies that you see. They were gifted to me from a dear Friend…….thanks Susan, I love those bunnies.

These rabbits are absolutely adorable. They are in the shabby chic style and will win you over in a heartbeat. I placed them on a circular tray in shades of browns and creams.

Beautiful tulips in a planter inscribed with the word, Welcome, sit on one corner of the tray. The off-white planter blends in well with the tray and the bunnies. The gorgeous flowers add a pop of color to the tray. A wrought iron bird on very long legs sits on a corner of the planter enjoying the tulips.

An antique painted bowl holds multi-colored eggs and pulls out the darker tones of the tray.

At the back of the tray sits a shabby chic wooden candle. It holds a cream-colored pillar candle. The candleholder and candle pull in more of those nice cream tones.

You can see the bird on his long legs perched on the edge of the tray and nestled amongst the tulips. The tulips are a beautiful harbinger of Spring.

These bunnies have made themselves right at home. I know I will enjoy them for many years.

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