Hi Everyone and welcome to the Blog today. ‘Tis the season for Advent Calendars so why not give them a special place to be. This vignette starts with a glass-topped table that sits on two milk crates filled with the original glass milk bottles. The top of the table supports a nice full table top tree with a special star on top. A wooden Micky Mouse train circles the foot of the tree. Micky and Minnie are enjoying the celebrations. A wrought iron candelabra with red candles sits beside the table ready to light the way on Christmas Eve.

This Advent Tree will be decorated with beautiful Thomas Pacconi ornaments made especially for an Advent Tree. The ornaments come in a lovely wooden box with a depiction of the tree and ornaments on the front.

Here’s a close-up of the front of the box with all of the ornaments depicted in the illustration.

You open the door on the front of the box and inside are numbered compartments that hold the ornaments. There is a picture on each compartment showing which ornaments belong in each compartment.

Here’s a close-up of the polar bear ornament sitting next to the compartment that holds the polar bear.

Here’s the first ornament on the tree signifying the first day of Advent.

A second Advent Calendar shares space with the Advent Box. This is one of my favorites and shows Santa at the top of the chimney. Each day you slide a wooden slat out from the center of the chimney and Santa takes another slide down the chimney closer to the fireplace entrance.

Here’s a closer look of Santa at the top of the snow-covered chimney. He has already started his trip down the chimney to distribute Christmas gifts on Christmas morning. Love the wooden construction on this vintage piece. Kids love to hang the ornaments and help Santa down the chimney. Advent calendars have always been a part of our holiday celebrations.

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  1. Hello. I was wondering if you were at all interested in selling any of these items. I’m interested in purchasing one of the advent calendars here. Please let me know if you are!

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