Hi Everyone and welcome to this week’s Thrift Store finds. It’s a bit of an eclectic mix this week with some kitchen things and some home decor items mixed together. Everything sparkles as I have already washed the glassware and porcelain. That’s something you really want to do immediately. Wash everything you can possibly wash as soon as you bring it home. Fabric items go in the washing machine and everything else either in the dishwasher or washed by hand. This will prevent any unwanted germs, bacteria or insects from taking up residence in your home. Also, immediately makes everything look better.

A lot of glassware made it home this week and all of it was Mikasa. We found 10 pieces of the Park Lane pattern with some elusive and hard-to-find high ball glasses. This is my everyday crystal pattern and I use it…….every day LOL. Occasionally a piece will break and they are not easy to replace as the pattern is not being made anymore. It’s quite pricey on Ebay so finding pieces of the pattern in a Thrift Store is really great. Also found two other patterns of Mikasa. One had four wine glasses…..probably red and one had four red and four white wine glasses. All were in perfect condition although pretty dirty. A little soap and water fixed that right up. This particular group of wine glasses could easily be used at a party or larger gathering. They are all similar in size and the difference is in the design of the stem.

Next I found these really great draperies. They were in an estate sale that we visited in a really high end home. I’m pretty sure the fabric is a Waverly pattern. They are very well made and all lined. They are 88 inches in length and the four panels are very wide so will hang well when gathered on a window. They drapes also came with tie backs and three pillows. I’m hoping these will work in my daughter’s apartment as she doesn’t have any window coverings yet. She gave me a pretty good description of what she wanted and I hope these will fit. I have them laid out in the guest room after cleaning and ironing.

Found a couple of great black wood picture frames that look like they have never been used. They will hold an 11X13 inch picture so will be great for display on a wall rack. Then two large porcelain pumpkins found their way into my cart. They were really dull looking in the store but cleaned up nicely. They are a really good size and will make a statement for Fall decorating. Last in the row above are two wooden place mats with a suede center. I think they are placemats but they might be used for Asian food presentation. Not sure but they are quite nice.

This vase was next. It’s from Pier 1 and is made of wood. The glass vase beside it is an insert. You fill it with water, insert it into the wood vase and then add your flowers. The glass insert was really filthy and took some cleaning. The black spots you see are little rubber pieces attached to the bottom to act as a cushion when inserting the glass into the wood vase. I washed and then polished the wood and it turned out quite nice.

Found a Nordic Ware Bundt pan for the holidays. The first picture is the inside of the pan. I really think this has not been used at all. When you flip the pan over you can see how the cake will look when it is baked. It has a beautiful ribbon cascading around the wreath with pine cones as embellishment. Can’t wait to try this one.

I’m always looking for kitchen gadgets and ones that work for homemade pasta are a favorite. This is an adjustable pasta cutter so you can make the width of the pasta different sizes by adding or subtracting the wheels on the gadget. Should be fun. We like to make pasta from scratch and the cooler months are coming so pasta will be on the menu.

Finally, we found these great wooden wine crates. The wine housed in these boxes was really good wine which makes the boxes more valuable. I just like how they look and they make very practical storage pieces.

Here’s another view of the wine boxes so you can see how large they are. Mr. Hallowe’en Rat sits atop the boxes surveying the scene with his little red eyes. Found him for 50 cents and….. it is moving towards Hallowe’en.

Lots of treasures and lots of fun searching them out and researching the finds. My hubby likes the researching part best. You can learn a lot of history from what you find at the Thrift Store.

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