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Don’t you just love to transform a space through your own sweat and vision. It doesn’t matter if you own the space or rent the space, you want to have the sense of home that you create through your decorating choices.

Today, I’m going to show you how we created display racks for a small dining space. These wall-mounted display shelves allow you to rotate pictures, plates, etc. to change the look of the room without hammering nails into the walls. The look is clean and stream-lined and allows for a different feel whenever the mood strikes you.

Start with three boards. We used a 1X4, a 1X3 and a 1X2. Each board was 6′ long. That was the perfect size for the space so we didn’t have to cut the boards to length. Made the process that much easier.

Wood glue was added to the edge of the 1X3 board.

Next the 1X3 was set next to the 1X4 so that the glued edge was snugged into the face of the 1X4. The boards were clamped together and excess glue was wiped off.

The board was turned to allow the nail gun to nail through the back of the 1X4 into the edge of the 1X3 that is glued to the larger board. Nails were about 5″ apart down the length of the two boards. The 1X4 is the back of the shelf and the 1X3 is the base of the shelf.

The same process is used to add the third piece. Glue is applied to the edge of the board, the 1X2 is lined up and clamped with the edges even and the excess glue removed. Then the 1X2 is nailed to the 1X3 forming the lip of the shelf.

The three boards make a narrow “plate” shelf to use for displaying pictures, plates, and small sculptures that can be changed out at will.

The shelf is allowed to dry overnight and then will be lightly sanded and painted a bright white for mounting.

Two coats of paint were applied and then the shelves were allowed to dry overnight. Next step: mounting them to the wall.

The studs were located so that the shelves could be screwed into the studs for secure mounting. A level was used to make sure everything was straight and then the holes were marked and drilled and screwed into the wall.

The second shelf was added above the first shelf. Everything was checked with the level and then with the eye to make sure the shelves were even. Because they were painted the same color as the wall the shelves disappear into the background and the art work takes center stage. Here album covers and art work were used to add color to this eating space.

This dining space is ready for it’s first dinner party. Antique china in black and white is layered with Mikasa’s French Countryside salad plates. Everyday water glasses and cut glass crystal wine glasses add to the setting. Small hand thrown soup bowls in multiple colors pick-up the colors in the art work and add a bohemian touch to the table setting. Silver plate with a simple flower design dresses up the table and a napkin shaped into a rose adds some texture to the setting. A beautiful orchid is used as the centerpiece and echoes the colors of the art work.

Two wrought iron shelf brackets are mounted close together on side wall and hold a selection of cookbooks. The display adds some storage space to a small room as well as some additional color.

Opposite the cookbooks, on the other side of the entrance to the dining space, an interesting wine rack is mounted to the wall. This was a Thrift Store find. As well as giving good wine storage it becomes a piece of sculpture that can change as your wine choices change.

Here is a side view of the wine rack with a few bottles of wine.

A straight on view of the wine rack. Imagine it filled with all the bottles. A fun addition to the dining space.

The carpet is another Thrift Store find that fits the space perfectly and adds some movement and color to the small dining area.

The dining area leads into the kitchen and is separated by cupboards and shelves holding hand thrown pottery, and some plants. The kitchen door leads to a back deck surrounded by trees….a perfect spot for outdoor dining.

The opposite wall holds this great sculpture adding a three dimensional aspect to the space.

This dining space is a great example of a DIY project. The shelving, the table (a marketplace find the was then stripped and refinished), the Thrift Store wall art and wine racks all came together to create a colorful and interesting space for just a few dollars.

A personalized DIY space in a new apartment. A great beginning.

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