Good morning Friends and welcome to the blog today. I’m continuing to work on helping my daughter set up her new apartment space so today I’m going to share with you a little entryway vignette that she put together. Entrances in homes and apartments can be tricky. It’s difficult to create separate spaces, if your front door opens directly into the living space. It helps to visually create some separate areas such as the one above. This little entryway table (an heirloom from grandparents) defines the small space next to the front door. It’s a great place to put your keys, hats, etc. when you enter the apartment and holds some odds and ends you’ll need when it’s time to go out again.

A great tiled art work is mounted on the wall above the table. This Xen art piece invites you to relax and enjoy the peaceful space created in the apartment. The black and white etching is filled with movement but exudes calm all at the same time. It acts as a visual anchor for the entryway and helps define the space.

Below the artwork is a pair of wooden sculpted hands. I think the piece is called “healing hands”. It’s a perfect way to hold your keys when you come into the apartment. Also a great place to “hang your hat” LOL. You’ll never have to hunt for your keys when you’re in the habit of leaving them in the entryway like this.

The small, antique table works well for holding odds and ends like your sunglasses, pocketknife, phone, a pen and a friendly cat and frog on a wooden box.

This small entryway vignette helps define the spaces in a large open room and is a practical way to store the things you need when you leave the apartment.

Love how this turned out.

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