Welcome to the Blog today! I’ve mentioned before that our Daughter was moving to a new apartment and staying with us while she waited for access. We’ve been Thrift Shopping for pieces and have come up with some good options. This picture was taken right after her move.

They say “Moving is Hell” and boy are THEY right. The picture above was taken after most of the moving boxes were emptied and things put away. It takes so much effort to put a new place together.

This apartment has great bones. The ceilings are quite high and there is wonderful light from the windows. The living room is quite spacious and today I’ll be showing you just one side. You don’t want to see the other side quite yet LOL.

This picture was taken after some of her things were hung. You can see the beautiful mirror…..thrifted…..and how well it fits the space. For the mirror transformation visit here….https://www.thriftingwonderland.com/post/mirror-mirror-on-the-wall-great-thrift-store-find

Found the mirror for under $20 and it looks wonderful on the wall.

Below the mirror is a small three-tiered table with a leather top. Another thrifted item it will serve as a nice stand for the crystal decanter and glasses on an Art Deco tray. The crystal is Shannon found at a Thrift Store and the tray was a recent Thrift Store find that acts as a beautiful holder for the crystal. You can see a Printer’s tray, not yet hung, in the corner….yep! thrifted again.

The carpet on the floor was thrifted recently for around $20. The 8′ X 10′ size works well in the room and is anchored by the sofa and chair. To see how to buy rugs at the Thrift Store you can go to this post: https://www.thriftingwonderland.com/post/a-word-about-thrift-store-rugs

Dad built the table holding the stereo. Speakers are waiting to be hooked up and wall shelves will come later. The tray and glasses on the ottoman are also thrifted items.

So far things are coming together. Remember the outdoor furniture that was given new life. Let me show your it’s new home.

It’s now living on our daughter’s deck with an umbrella and umbrella stand added to provide additional shade. A really nice spot to relax for morning coffee or at the end of the day. To see the transformation go to this blog: https://www.thriftingwonderland.com/post/making-the-old-new-again

I’ll be checking in with her and taking more photos to share with you as her apartment comes together. Have a great week.

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