Welcome everyone to today’s adventure in thrifting. I have a special find to share with you this week along with a few household decor items as well. The picture above is of something we found yesterday at a Salvation Army Thrift Store near us. It’s a vintage French, wood and cast iron, double decker trolley model. We think it’s circa 1930 but will be doing some additional research to see what we can discover about this vintage trolley. I haven’t cleaned this up at all yet so it’s pretty dusty but in remarkably good condition.

It’s quite detailed and in this picture you can see the circular stairs going to the top deck of the trolley. I think that’s what captured my imagination when I fist saw this at the store. It really brought visions of the trolley in “Meet Me in St. Louis” with Judy Garland….. what a great movie. The little trolley bell hangs over the doorway. You can almost hear it clanging. The paint is in good condition and just needs some cleaning.

You can see the wrought iron bumper in the first picture above. I think it used to have one on the back as well. The third picture gives you a close up of the bumper. The middle top picture and bottom right and left pictures show you the upper portion of the trolley with its bench seats and open air second story for sight setting. The bottom middle picture has the great Black Cat sign across the top of the trolley. You can also see the wrought iron wheel base. This is made of wood and wrought iron so it’s a very solid piece. (Actually weighs a lot.).

What fun to find a piece of early history like this….at the Thrift Store.

The next find was this set of Royal Doulton everyday dishes in the Calypso pattern. It was a set of four dinner and four dessert/salad plates in perfect condition. Royal Doulton is a great maker of fine china so it was nice to see a set that could be placed in the dishwasher or microwave for daily use. Can’t wait to use this in a tablescape. It’s a fun pattern for summer.

The individual plates are really cute but together they really make a statement.

Next I found these water/iced tea goblets…..Marquis by Waterford. You can’t go wrong with Waterford crystal and this set came in it’s original box for about $5.00. A nice find and one I’ll use. The glasses are a really nice size and will hold a large amount of a cooling beverage this Summer.

Also found two more pieces of my everyday crystal, Parklane by Mikasa. These were about 89 cents a piece. I snapped them right up. I can always use a couple of extra white wine glasses.

These silver plate goblets/champagne glasses by International Silver Co. were in brand new condition. A little silver polish and they really shine. You can see how they reflect the light in the picture above.

Finally, I ran across these really nice glass trees and a little winter bird house. I use the glass trees for decorating in the winter and have some white and silver glass trees already. However, I had not found blue ones before and really liked the color in the glass. I’ll just pack them away until Winter.

It’s always fun to see what you can find at the Thrift Store that will add to your table and home decor. A find like the trolley is just an added bonus. Hope you have some happy discoveries this week in your thrifting adventures.

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