This quiet January 2021 tablescape features soft brown and off-white forest colors. The wooden table sets the stage for this forest theme. Think about the peacefulness of a walk in the forest, the closeness you feel to nature as you listen to the quiet.

The table is anchored by the feathered trees which lay the foundation for these soft colors. The feather trees pick up on the soft off-white colors of the runner and the browns and brass colors in the pillar candlesticks.

The plate stack starts with this textured leather charger suggesting the bark of a tree. On this charger is placed a woodland dinner plate with either a fox or an owl image. The images are in the soft browns and off-whites of the rest of the table. Next comes a lovely snowflake embellished napkin that picks up the color in the salad/dessert plate that is placed on the napkin. Finally, a German cut glass sherbet/seafood container by Wittwer completes the stack.

Pottery water cups and wine glasses compliment the dinner setting and the centerpiece through color and texture.

The silver-plate by Eldan is the Prelude pattern and also has flower and leaf forest themes. Love the cute little seafood forks with their curved tines.

The central piece occupying the runner is a lantern in woodland colors surrounded by pine cones and some beautiful rocks that have been collected on holidays and rambles. They ground the tablescape in forest themes.

Here’s a side view of this calm and peaceful forest-based table setting. I really like the feel of this tablescape and all the textural elements that contribute to the overall theme.

The dinner plates fit in so well with the forest theme of this table setting. the fox has such a calm look on his face as he gazes out from the forest floor.

We need some peaceful moments in this brand new year. I wish you peace and health and calm moments as we begin 2021.

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