Photography is a great way to spend some time in this era of social distancing. Recently we had a friend over to do some indoor photography. Had a great time photographing vegetables. We were working on shadows and highlights.

Here’s a shot with two types of cabbage leaves. I was trying to create a ring of light around the edge of the green cabbage leaf. I learned it’s not as easy as it looks to photograph vegetables.

Took this shot of the edges with a blue tinge to the light.

Then we switched to peppers, trying to get a circle of light around the pepper. It was quite interesting and more difficult than you might think.

The next day we went out for a walk being sure to keep our distance from other walkers. It was a nice day and not very many people out and about.

Took this shot of all the pollen swirling on the water in a still part of the lake. You can tell it is definitely allergy season.

This peaceful shot shows how calm the water was that day. No wind, no people, a chance to restore the soul.

In this difficult time it’s important to stay busy, stay positive, and stay connected to loved ones and friends.

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