A quick hearty tea idea for the afternoon. Good for an early dinner or a lunch as well.

My husband and I came home late afternoon from shopping and errands and hadn’t stopped for lunch. Put this quick meal together with a pot of Earl Grey Tea.

Shrimp pasta salad. Really easy. Cook a box of short pasta (rotini, elbow, etc.) according to box directions. Rinse with cold water and let cool. Defrost pre-cooked shrimp (about 1 pound). Drain a jar of sun dried tomatoes in oil and chop into small pieces. Add pasta to a serving bowl. Toss in shrimp and sun dried tomatoes and mix in enough pesto to hold together. Add Shaved parmesan. Mix well.

I served this with cheddar cheese and chive scones and sliced avocado.

Plates are Fitz and Floyd. Thrifted recently.

Thrifted placemats. I love these. Mikassa French Country thrifted cups and saucers and thrifted clear glass milk pitcher. I have a few of these and use them for all sorts of things from milk to herbs.

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