Welcome Everyone, I’m so glad you’re visiting today. I can’t wait to share this week’s finds with you as it was a pretty large and eclectic haul with mostly practical finds. So let’s get started.

First up, I found these three simple black frames with glass for $1.50 each. They hold an 8 x 10 photo. I’ve been collecting this type of frame so I can do a display on our Italian vacation. I have almost enough now so it’s time to really go through the pictures and choose. Such a fun task but definitely a difficult one as their are so many choices.

The great wicker framed blackboard is going to replace a much simpler one in my kitchen. I loved the soft grays and muted tones. It fits perfectly so you’ll see it soon.

Thrift Stores are great places to pick up practical things for crafting. Two packages of pine stems for Christmas and some 22 gauge wire went into the basket. The stems sell for $10/pkg. on line and these were $1 each. The wire was 75 cents.

These pillar candles, brand new and matching, were $1 each. I already have a vignette in mind for them for my daughter’s new apartment.

Found some cool linens as well. The first is a runner backed in white with a great red and white plaid and two tassels at each end. Love the casual look of this one. Next were some pristine beautifully worked napkins and, finally, two really nice dish towels. The total was around $5.

This cute little wire basket was 75 cents. I have a little collection going now that will make a sweet display.

It’s such fun to find great pillows for just a little bit of money. the Christmas ones are in super shape and the medium-sized fabric pumpkin was 75 cents. I think they will work well this holiday season.

Lastly, a few odds and bobs; two lovely glasses, two Ball containers that I will use to make and freeze pesto and a nice heavy duty picture/plate holder.

That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed your visit and good luck finding treasures on your next thrifting adventure.


19 thoughts on “First October Thrift

  1. This is my favorite kind of post from you…especially when it is followed by examples of how you are using your thrifted finds. I can’t wait to see how you display/use these new additions in your household 🙂

    1. I am in the middle of making a batch of cloth pumpkins so seeing that lace trimmed one was an inspiration! It rained on my bunch of sticks I had picked up to cut into stems; gonna bring them in to dry! I love finding several frames all the same for a wall grouping. Can’t wait to see those pix!

    1. It seems that Thrift Stores are getting donations from regular department type stores that are new items. I see that sort of thing more all the time, Marsha. The pillows are great. Thanks for visiting. Have a great week.

  2. I am in the middle of making a batch of cloth pumpkins so seeing that lace trimmed one was an inspiration! My bunch of sticks that I had picked up in the yard got rained on; gonna bring them in to dry. I love finding multiples of the same frame to make wall groupings. Can’t wait to see your pix!

    1. Thanks, Robin. It was a fun shop. Clearing out starts with looking at what is currently being shown on the market, keeping my own style in mind and determining how much pan item has been used in recent years. Also the condition of the item is important. If I haven’t used something in several years, it will probably be recycled at the Thrift Store or sold. I’m paring down holiday decorations and going with the idea that less is more. A few touches can make a big difference. Of course, some things are difficult to part with because I love their look. It’s a dilemma. LOL. Hope this helps but I’ll be doing additional blogs on the clean-out. Have a great week.

  3. Visiting from TITMT!! What a great thrift haul…you found some awesome goodies. Can’t wait to check back & see how you pull it all together!

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