It was an eclectic day at the Thrift Stores picking up a bit of this and a bit of that. Now that Fall is definitely on the way I’ve been looking at Fall decorations and colors in linens to fill in some gaps. I was able to find a few things this week as well as a few unexpected items.

I’m starting with these very cute “Bears and Friends” figurines. I don’t collect these but the Thrift Store had received quite a few of them so I took a few minutes to look them over. I ended up getting several of them. I chose ones that were related to Christmas, July the 4th and Tea. They are very sweet and I hope to incorporate them in table settings and centerpieces. The price of each figurine was about $2.

Next was this lovely set of four dinner and four salad plates by Lenox. The pattern is entitled, “Heiress”. I love the asymmetrical placement of the pattern as well as the curving lines. Each piece is bordered in.a thin gold line. Really pretty and in pristine condition. These will be great for Spring and Summer settings.

This rustic pumpkin candle holder was really appealing and only cost $1.25. I’ll be able to use it throughout the Fall.

I found a neutral tablecloth and four bi-colored napkins. I have plans for the tablecloth and the napkins will be great for Fall table settings. I have soup bowls that match the colors. I was happy to run across both these items. Linens are always a bargain. The napkins were 40 cents each and the tablecloth $2.50. I can’t even buy the fabric for that amount of money.

Next are these three graduated candlesticks in a heavy, black metal. They are quite thin and elegant looking. I think they will work well in a number of settings.

The last items are a great table runner in a patchwork, red and white design by Country Living and a really nice metal basket in black. Baskets are always useful and I particularly liked the black metal. The runner is six feet long and has a nice country feel to the fabric. This will go really well with some Fall displays.

All-in-all a pretty good haul for not much money. I always love shopping days like this. Hope you find some great treasures this week.


14 thoughts on “Latest Thrift Store Shop

  1. Love everything in your haul…except…the Boyd’s Bears. My mother collected these (and other types)…so much of it that it is overwhelming. Consequently, I can’t stand anything of this sort! I’m in the process of offloading all of her brick-a-brack (and I’m being polite here)! LOL.

    1. Hi, Robin. Who knew that the bears would draw such strong reactions. Either people love them or…not! Sounds like you definitely had too many knick knacks surrounding you when growing up. Good luck with your project. Have a great week.

  2. Loved your Boyd’s Bears; I have limited my collection to their “Yesterday’s Child” series caz they are almost dollhouse size–my ruling passion! The linens were so pretty and I can’t wait to see how you use the Lenox dishes! I can see those tall candlesticks reflecting light in your foyer/hall mirror!

    1. Thanks, Kathy. It was a good shop this week. I am looking forward to using everything in upcoming Blogs. I will definitely have to try the candlesticks in the hall entranceway. Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing.

  3. When we moved and dramatically downsized, I donated several plush Boyd’s Bears. My husband and kids had given them to me over the years. They were just gathering dust. I do hope someone found them and gave them to their kiddos or grands! You are really tempting me to go looking for china! I never had any. I leave my dining room set all the time so new china would be quite nice!

    1. If you leave your dining room set up all the time, you definitely need some pretty china, Marsha. Estate sales especially offer some great buys. Hope you find something pretty. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Whoever ended up with your bears is probably delighted to have them. Have a great week.

  4. Your finds look like my office right now, lol. I have pulled fall and Christmas from storage and have spent all of yesterday and part of today pricing for the antique booths. It’s that time of year we call Happy Thanksmas.

    1. I sympathize, Rita. the house always looks like a messy Thrift Store when it’s time to change the decor to a new season. I bet your shop will look beautiful, though, when you are finished and so will your house. Fall is the best time and it just rushes by. Have a great week and thanks for sharing.

  5. I like the candle holders and the patchwork runner! The fall-coloured napkins are also a win! I think candle holders that tall are considered faux pas nowadays because of the fire hazard though? I guess you can find battery powered ones!

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