Welcome to the Blog today. I’m happy to share this week’s thrifting finds and they fall into two categories. Starting with Christmas in July I’m going to share some finds all of which were 50% off sales.

This piece is a topiary decorated for Christmas. It was missing some of the foliage so I could see that the ball in the center was in good shape and the foliage could be removed and redone. Can’t wait to try something a little simpler with this. The same with the bottom part. All of the foliage can be removed and redone to suit your needs. I bought it because it was only $1 and I could see the potential.

Next is this great snowflake pillow. It’s 12 x 12 so a decent size and in great condition. This was only $1 as well.

Next is this great stretched canvas sign. It works with the pillow but also with lots of other things I have for the holidays. This was a whopping 75 cents. I had to think about this one for a very long time…not! It went right into the cart.

The most expensive piece was this handmade quilted and embroidered fabric creation in a lovely wooden frame.

It came from the above shop that is still in business and has a presence on the web. It was $3.

I ran across a few other items that I put into my cart. I love to collect handmade needlework pieces that are in good condition and nicely framed. I ran across three on this day.

The first was this No fishing piece nicely matted and framed.

These two pieces were framed the same so are obviously a set. I love the flowers and colors in these charming pieces. The cost was 75 cents each so a total of $1.50. The frames are in excellent condition and the glass cleaned up beautifully. They will make a lovely display.

Lastly, I found a great book on creating cheese charcuterie boards and a frame with a bulletin board and four slots for pictures. I was so excited to find these treasures and for some really super prices. It’s been a good couple of weeks for thrifting for some practical and holiday items.


5 thoughts on “Thrifting with Great Prices

  1. Great Christmas-in-July finds. The Christmas Tree Shop in our area closed down Sunday. I couldn’t get there in time.

    1. Thanks, Robin. I love tossup the sales in July in the Thrift Store and elsewhere. Sorry you didn’t make it to your local Christmas Tree Shop. Ours is still open but doesn’t have a lot left. have a great week.

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