Welcome to the Blog today. I was so excited to share my new thrifted finds with you earlier this week. One of them was a great distressed mirror…pictured above. I wanted to create a farmhouse style vignette using the mirror. It had to be something simple and something I could easily change so I settled on a spray of flowers and cotton that I put together quickly from my stash of flowers. In keeping with the distressed look I let the wire show along with the rusty hinges. The flowers trail across one corner of the mirror adding to the casual feel.

A black and cream table runner anchors the vignette and adds a country feel. Then I gathered together a bowl of sage cut from the garden and placed it in the center of the sideboard.

A shabby chic, wooden, candlestick came next with a multi-colored pillar candle that picks up the black in the mirror. The rough carving goes well with that casual look.

The grouping still seemed a little bare so I added a small watercolor in a black frame to the mix. It adds a pop of color while keeping things still in the black and cream color family.

Everything came together nicely. I think it has a country feel. What do you think?

Here it is from a side view.

I moved the picture to the front in this view as I couldn’t decide which way I liked it best. I love how the mirrors reflect the sage and add the reflection to the vignette.

This was a quick, fun, project and easy to do. I know I will be using the mirror in many settings. It is a perfect size for display. You never know what you’re going to find thrifting.


16 thoughts on “Thrifted Mirror Vignette

  1. Cute vignette & I’m sure the fragrance is lovely upon entering your vestibule. I wonder, though, how the floral spray is attached to the frame?

  2. Lovely. I look for original art, not famous artists, just someone who took the time to share their talent. I give those pieces a new home. Your watercolor is delightful. Over from Pink Saturday. Enjoy your week!

    1. Love Pink Saturday, Nancy. I like to collect original work as well. Just some pieces that I think will look good in the house or that I am somehow drawn to. I especially like small pieces I can set on a holder. Have a great week and thanks for visiting..

  3. Enjoyed your vignette and loved the little watercolor. As my house has only so many walls (open concept, darn!), I especially collect and make tiny mirrors for my dollhouses! Works for me!

  4. This is very beautiful, thank you for sharing! I need to learn to minimize some of my items to allow the ones I love to stand out more.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. It was such a simple project and, fortunately, turned out exactly the way I saw it in my mind. As you probably know. that doesn’t always happen. thanks for stopping by and sharing.

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