It’s Summer and the garden is blooming. Flowers are nodding their colorful heads and I am bringing them into the house to share the outdoors with Family and Friends. Putting together this tablescape was a joy and also a challenge. Sometimes tables come together on the first try and sometimes they take some back and forth with tablecloths, chargers and china. I started this table setting with the second tablecloth I tried.

The tablecloth bursts with colorful flowers in a large pattern that covers the whole table. It is exuberant and filled with hues found in the garden at this time of year. The next choice was a charger. I tried several but finally ended up with an off-white/cream porcelain charger…quite plain so as not to distract from the tablecloth and provide a visual break between the tablecloth and the china.

The plate stack was very simple…just the charger and the china in only one patter. You can see that the colors in the china pick up the colors in the flowers in the tablecloth. The china pattern is by Churchill made in Staffordshire England. English flower china is so pretty and I love how it looks on the table.

The napkin is also very colorful and has the colors of the china and the tablecloth. It is quite joyful and carries a garden in it’s patterning. The napkin is bound with a very simple wooden napkin ring.

Here’s a better look at the china without the napkin on top.

I chose two different, green colored, glasses for the water and wine. The colors pull them together but I like that they are different patterns with different lines. They pull in the greens on the table and tie them in with the centerpiece.

Simple stainless steel flatware is added to the place setting. I use this a lot as it adds an elegant touch to any table while remaining easy care and dishwasher safe.

A bright bouquet from the garden is the final touch. I used a pottery vase in some of the same colors already on the table and kept the arrangement low. The flowers are cone flowers, gladiolas, hydrangea and orange and brown Black-eyed Susans. The colors look great together in the bouquet just like they do in nature.

Everything comes together to create a garden setting for indoors. Flowers are everywhere bringing a happy quality to the table.

In the background is the garden but now we have a garden indoors as well. What fun!

Here’s an overhead view of the table. I think it’s bright and happy…like a Summer day.

When you’re putting together a table setting. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t come together right away. Change a few elements until you like what you see. In no time you’ll have a setting you like and one that your Family and Friends will really enjoy.


15 thoughts on “Summer Garden Table Setting

  1. Very pretty table and flowers! It all goes together so well, it looks like they are all from a matched set! Love the china, and I can see how the white charger makes a nice break in between the tablecloth and plate stack. Love your flowers, and that orange & brown Black-eyed Susan is a nice variety!

    1. Thanks, Rita. It’s amazing how flowers on a table really brighten things up. I love being able to pick flowers and bring them in for the table.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I have this Churchill china too. It works well for spring and for summer. Thanks for reminding me I can still be using it . The green glasses are a perfect touch as are the pretty fresh flowers.

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