A stream in the Irish Countryside

Hello, Friends. Apologies for the break in Blogging but the last two weeks of our trip was a group tour with little time for anything but enjoying the country of Ireland and the gathering of Friends. We were constantly on the go with not much energy left at the end of the day. We’re back home now after two an a half months of travel and ready to get back to our normal routines.

I’m delighted to share with you some of the gorgeous “green” we found in Ireland. It is true that there are “many shades of green” in this country and seeing them was a great part of the enjoyment of the trip. I hope you enjoy them too.

Green on the lawns of Bantry House

Bantry House is in West Cork and has beautiful views to Bantry Bay. The mountains are a gorgeous haze in the background.

Above is the River Shannon at Clonmacnoise and the grazing and wading butterscotch cattle against the green grasses. You can see we had absolutely gorgeous weather.

Another gorgeous day on the Mizen Head. I’ll share a post on flowers and gardens later but the colors were vibrant and compelling against the greens and blues of the land and sea. Even a horse was paying a visit this day.

A beautiful stone circle, Uragh Stone Circle, on the Beara Peninsula with a slash of waterfall seen in the distance over the water. We were the only ones there…such quiet and serenity.

The “Hills of Green” against a dramatic sky. If this were my home, I would never leave.

There are reflections of green in the clear water as it slips silently past the green and rocky bottom of a river.

The peace and tranquility of an Irish landscape can take root in your soul and provide quiet moments of contemplation. I’m so happy to be home but so blessed to have had this opportunity to see a little more of the world. It is truly filled with wonders.


22 thoughts on “Shades of Green

  1. Beautiful photos. I wonder if the water is as pure as it looks. I live in Boulder, Colorado, next to a creek that comes down from the Rockies but has been contaminated by e-coli from homeless encampments.

  2. Welcome home, Lynne! My sister went to Ireland two weeks before Easter, and their weather was horrible with winds, rain and cold! So glad yours was a good experience. Looking forward to reading your future posts. I’m so curious about how well your landscape help up, and how much help you had keeping it groomed while you were gone these past couple months!

    1. We were very lucky in the weather, Rita. You hope for the best but you never know what you will get and, of course, have no control over it at all. It was actually over 80 degrees for several days. Quite unexpected. It is good to be home. I’ll let you know about the landscaping. It was a bit of a challenge. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Really enjoyed the pictures of your tour! Glad you are home safely again, too! Will enjoy seeing more!

  4. Beautiful lanscapes! I love to see your photos.My daughter once went on a solo trip to Ireland. She slept in hostels and wandered through this beautiful country. Are you happy to be home again?

    1. Thanks, Aritha. It’s always great to come back home especially after a long trip. We love being away and seeing new things but…there’s nothing like your own bed. LOL. thanks for visiting and sharing.

  5. Awesome pics, enjoyed seeing them. We have Irish roots and it’s my son’s fav place to visit. Thanks so much for linking up at #AThemedLinkup 159 for Travel and Vacation. Pinned.

  6. Lynne, CONGRATS! Your post is FEATURED at #AThemedLinkup 160 for Laughter Is the Best Medicine from the previous linkup for Travel and Vacation.

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