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Italian Food Goodies

Welcome, Friends. This Blog is about the joys of Italian food and eating the Italian way. First up is antipasto. You can do this easily on your own. Some prosciuto, cheese, bread and I like to add some fruit as well.

You can order just cheese which is served with good Italian bread. A variety of cheeses is fun to try and easy to eat.

Antipasto can be specific to an area. The plate above is filled with true Venetian foods from the Venetian lagoon. Perhaps not to everyone’s taste but it is certainly an adventure in eating.

After an antipasto comes a first plate or a salad. Above is a typical “Grande” salad which consists of tuna, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, carrots, artichokes and lettuce. Throw in a few olives and you are eating as you would in Italy.

First plates come in all sorts of looks, Pasta with seafood or meat or just with tomatoes or pesto. All are consider first plates and all are delicious.

Second plates can be fish or beef or port or chicken. They can be accompanied by vegetables or a small salad. Always delicious.

then, of course, you have dessert. there are so many delicious ones your biggest problem will be trying to choose.

Wine and before dinner drinks are definitely on order. You have a glass or perhaps two before going on to dinner or to accompany dinner.

You must have a cappuccino or an espresso to start your day. Espresso at the end is also a very nice treat.

there’s always time for pizza. Some eat it for breakfast, some for lunch, some for dinner and some for a snack. Really you can eat pizza anytime and it is delicious.

There you have it. A quick look at some great food you can find in Italy and recreate at home. Enjoy!

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