Who doesn’t love shopping? You can take it to a whole new level in Venice. One of the many reasons I have come to feel the spell of this majestic city comes from the surprising shop windows that are around every corner in Venice. the picture above shows characters made from Murano glass. Colorful and fun they entice you into the shop for a closer look.

Here’s a window filled with colorful pizzas. You can buy a slice or a whole pie. They heat them up for you to eat as you walk around the streets or take a pie home for dinner. You might even want to grab a table and enjoy with a glass of wine. the colors are wonderful.

Of course, we ladies like our jewelry. Shops featuring necklaces, rings, braces and other adornments are everywhere in Venice. It’s fun to go in and chat with the owners. Many are artisans whose displayed goods are made on the premises.

This is a window display that was being put together for the biennial…an art fair held beginning in June. I was intrigued by what they chose to display and the designer came out and chatted as I asked her some questions. She gave me some postcards from the exhibit and I had a great time learning about the display.

This window is from a limoncello store. Limoncello is an after dinner drink that helps you digest your food. It is served ice cold in ice cold glasses and is absolutely delicious. We got to try some free samples at this store and the owner’s second store. Really good lemon flavor with a kick…and how beautiful is all that yellow and green.

Scallops look beautiful in the local fish market window. The bright orange color was something I hadn’t seen before.

Looking our a window through a Master glass crafters piece makes for a different view of the world.

The violin makers trade is the subject of another interesting glimpse into Venetian life.

Maybe perfume bottles are your interest when shopping. These bottles are by a perfumer who uses Murano glass bottles for his perfume. Really lovely.

Masque shops in Venice are quite colorful and fun. Who would you like to be during Carnivale?

You never know what you’ll find looking out a you from a Venetian window. There’s a surprise around every corner.


8 thoughts on “Windows in Venice

    1. There are many, many shops in Venus that you would love to wander in. I mostly window shop but have bought a couple of items I couldn’t resist. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  1. We had an awesome time in Venice and I totally agree the displays are phenomenal.
    Thank you from your Vroom Vroom Team for sharing your links with us at #262 SSPS Linky. Please check back weekly to see if featured on the blog post or by any of the co-hosts.

    1. Thanks Catherine. Window shopping is such a pleasure here as is shopping for bread, cheese, fruits and vegetables and the list goes on. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

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