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Venice…An Introduction

“Ah Venice”..the line Indiana Jones delivers on reaching Venice in search of his Dad. Venice is unique, beautiful, crowded with surprises around every corner. We reached Venice about Noon and made it to our Airbnb about a half hour later. We opened the window and saw views of one of the many small canals that wend there way through the city.

We saw our first Gondolier, had our first pasta dinner and our first bottle of wine at an outdoor restaurant along the canal. It was delightful. After dinner it was dark and we were quite tired.

It was quite late after we finished dinner and everyone was tired but I really wanted to ride down the Grand Canal on a Vaporetto. It was a beautiful night. The moon was a silver ball in the sky and light reflected in the water of the canals and the lagoon. Only one or two people were traveling on the boats that night. We stood outside and drank in the beauty of the city.

We got off the boat at Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square” and our first look at this historic sight was by moonlight with hardly anyone else there. We saw the famous pillars at the entrance to the square, the Basilica of St. Mark and the famous tower.

We boarded the Vaporetto for the return journey and passed the Bridge of Sighs. The last view of Venice for prisoners was from this bridge as they crossed it on their way to the prison.

The Rialto Bridge is another iconic spot and in the daytime it is crowded with hundreds of people. At night you can actually see the bridge noting it’s graceful span across the water.

Venice is filled with magic and you will find it especially beautiful on a midnight vaporetto ride up the Grand Canal.

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