Nature inspired place settings are finding their way to my table. As the garden fills out and greenery grows taller the expectation of multiple blooms becomes a reality. I love when flowers become the theme of a table setting. Today the flowers are in blue and white with just a touch of color in a dessert plate.

Here’s how this place setting came to be.

The garden was the inspiration…I started by gathering a bouquet of flowers comprised of white and pink azalea, purple Japanese Iris and snowball verbena. A few black willow branches were added to the arrangement for a touch of greenery. Spring flowers are so beautiful and they needed a background that would really allow them to shine.

A dark blue tablecloth paired with blue and white checked napkins held in a glass Art Deco napkin ring seemed just the right combination.

The white charger echoed the white flowers and shows beautifully against the dark blue. English blue and white china with a gorgeous all over floral pattern supplies the dinner and bread and butter plates. Villeroy & Boch adds some floral color with their dessert/salad plate. The pinks are picked up by the pinks in the floral arrangement. The blues are a nice match so the different patterns work well together.

More flowers were added in this highly decorated silver plate. I love how deeply the flowers are engraved in the handles of the flatware.

Beautiful crystal in two different patterns are added to the table. They add a bit of sparkle and balance the intricacy of the flatware.

The setting as it appears in this overhead picture shows really well against the dark blue background. The flowers make my heart do a little dance of joy. They are blooming after a long winter. It’s such a pleasure to be able to add flowers from the garden to a simple blue and white place setting. Everything on the table is thrifted which makes the setting even more fun.

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5 thoughts on “Tranquil Place Setting

  1. It is terrific that you are able to harvest such a wide variety of blooms from your garden! Love this table and especially the flatware. Is this the debut table for it?

    1. Thanks, Robin. I really love it when the flowers start to bloom. Bringing them indoors is a pleasure. I found the flatware a year or so ago and haven’t used it very much. Seemed like a good match for this setting. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

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