I’m looking out the window into the garden and the phlox is blooming, chives are filling out in their clumps of bright green and my blueberry bushes are in bloom. I’m so happy you are here today. The orchids pictured above were the inspiration for the first table setting I’ve done for March. Pour yourself a hot cup of something good and come see how I put this together.

At the Thrift Store this week I found some wonderful cut crystal by Lenox. The pattern is called Eclipse. If you look this up, you’ll notice that Lenox made two patterns by the same name. This one was only manufactured for two years but I think it is stunning. I love how the flutes rise from the base and form lovely triangular bowls that are cut in an Art Deco pattern. I found nine pieces in perfect condition.

Thrifting Tip: When buying glasses sold in a set check the set for chips. If a glass or two have chips, ask that the price be reduced or if you can substitute other glasses for the chipped ones.

They were selling these glasses both individually and in a set. Six of them were in a set but two were chipped. Five additional glasses were being sold individually…go figure. I asked if we could substitute two of the individually priced glasses for the two chipped ones and they ended up giving us all the glasses for the price of the set less a discount. The glasses sell for $49.99 each on replacements and were about $2.50 each at the Thrift Store.

The table setting starts with a white striped tablecloth. I used porcelain chargers in a soft blue from Pier 1. The not quite square shape picks up on the little squares cut into the top of the crystal glasses. The tall orchid adds some lovely purple color to the table but doesn’t block the view from one guest to another.

I kept the place setting simple with the charger, a white plate with a bit of edge detail from Mikasa and a delicate plate with purple flowers from Germany. The crystal really reflects the light.

Floral linen napkins pick up the blue in the chargers and add a bit of subtle color. Flatware with anodized handles that are shaped a bit like bamboo add another natural element to the table.

Through the window you can see the garden is coming back to life. Purple phlox reflects the purples on the table. It’s so nice to see the green returning.

The charger has a pretty Ginko pattern on the front. The Mikasa plate is one of my favorites with it’s pretty edging and the German china is delicate with a gold edge circling the rim. The plates were all thrifted over the last few years.

Spring is coming! Thanks for stopping by today and have a great week.


10 thoughts on “Almost Spring from the Thrift Store

  1. Love the chargers and for sure the glassware. Spring is trying to come – the daffodil greens are only 3 inches tall. There is one nursery is PA (across the river) that has cold weather plants (pansies) for sale but I’m not going to waste time & energy planting those.

    1. Hi, Robin. The glasses were a great find and the first for awhile in the crystal area. My blueberries are in full bloom so I’m making plans for how to protect them when we get a frost. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love those pretty plates with the violets on them! Your glassware was a great find, too. Lovely table.

    1. Thanks, Joy. The plates were a great find a few years ago. I love to bring them out in the Spring. It was nice to find some glassware, the first for awhile. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Lynne,
    Love the beautiful glasses…A great buy too! The plates are so pretty and just scream Spring!! we are getting snow tonight…Almost none in February and now that it is March, snow is predicted about every 3-4 days…Crazy! Thanks so much for stopping by!! I hope you have a great week!

    1. Thanks, Debbie. Spring has come so early this year and today it’s going to be 78…really unusual. My garden is blooming as if it were April. Crazy weather everywhere. Take care and thanks for stopping by.

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