I’ve so been missing the bright blue sky and looked out this afternoon to a vision of pink and blue with touches of green. Welcome to the Blog today. I’m so happy to have you visiting. This tulip magnolia blooms in the garden right in front of my entrance door. It is really beautiful. Kind of takes your breath away.

The second item on my list of things to share is this really great wooden box. It has the Winchester name and logo on the top as well as additional writing on the front. I don’t collect guns or ammunition but I do collect great wooden boxes and this one is quite nice.

It has these great leather handles on each side of the box and you can see the decorative wood work running down each side. The metal work is quite nice as well and each edge of the bottom of the box has a metal protection. The leather is between metal clasps.

The back of the box shows the metal hinges and the striping of the wood.

The inside of the box has a wooden tray divided into two compartments. It is a nice shallow tray.

When the tray is removed you can see the two strips of wood that are used to hold the tray in place. There is a nice full compartment below the tray giving ample storage for things you might want to keep inside the box.

The front of the box has metal clasps. The box was a recent Thrift Store find. I was there right when they were bringing it from the back and so it was quickly placed in my basket. It was under $5 for the box. Absolutely could not beat that price.

Some beautiful magnolia blossoms from the bud stage to the open flower. The magnolia definitely proclaims the coming of Spring.

If your trees are not out in bloom as yet, you can enjoy mine against a perfect blue sky. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your week.


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  1. What a great box – it’s so fun to find things like that, that are useful, historical, and beautiful! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the fun, and for the dose of beauty today. It made my day!

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