Are you a fan of great storytelling. If you love wonderful stories and jigsaw puzzles, I have the perfect puzzles for you. Welcome, Friends, as I share this new…to me…puzzle maker. I discovered the puzzle at Barnes & Noble when looking for a gift to put under the tree for my Hubby. We are both fans of jigsaw puzzles and enjoy setting one up and working on it as time allows. I wanted something a little different and unexpected and this fit the criteria perfectly.

These are English made puzzles and deal with well-known literary classics. I chose Mary Shelly’s, Frankenstein, but there were other options. Shakespeare, Jane Austin, Charles Dickens and Charlotte Bronté. The puzzles allow you to enter the world of the author and some of their finest stories.

A large poster accompanies the puzzle and helps you piece it together.

On the reverse side is a detailed synopsis of the story with numbers that correspond to the scenes in the puzzle. I found the synopsis to be accurate and entertaining especially as it relates to the scenes represented in the puzzle.

Historically Mary Shelly, Percy Shelly, Lord Byron and several friends gathered near Lake Geneva during a very cold and overcast summer and passed the time writing. They thought to try their hand at Ghost Stories and had a short time to develop their stories and see which was the most frightening. Mary Shelly created the story of Frankenstein as her entry into the competition.

It was a fascinating time in history with developments in anatomy and electricity which she would have read with interest.

Dr. Frankenstein brings his creation to life and starts upon a path which ends in death and destruction. He is forever linked with his monstrous creation.

The story begins and ends in the frigid Arctic wasteland. Frankenstein and his monster became part of the literary tradition of England shared by readers around the world.

You may not be a fan of Frankenstein but there is probably a puzzle that will encompass a favorite author in the great tradition of story telling. Give these a try. I don’t think you will be disappointed with these great puzzles.

The puzzles are made by the Orion Publishing Group.


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