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A Little Thrift Store Water Pitcher

It’s been several weeks since I’ve been thrift shopping. I’ve been struggling with a bad asthma flare-up that has taken awhile to get under control. Still not fully back to normal but feeling better than I was. Unfortunately, Thrift Stores and asthma do not mingle well. However, having said that, my wonderful Hubby brought me a little present…a lovely little glass pitcher from the Thrift Store. I have a small collection of glass pitchers and use them frequently. This one is the perfect size and shape for a nosegay of flowers.

I was feeling in need of a little Spring and Spring flowers are popping up in the garden. It’s still February but I am relishing these signs of Spring and needed to bring them indoors to brighten the space. Pink hyacinths, jonquils and daffodils fill the pretty little glass jar with Spring sunshine. They perfume the air and remind me that Winter will end .

I paired the flowers with a shawl in lovely blues and greens… the colors of a Spring sky and newly mown grass. A white candlestick holds a pillar candle in variations of green. Sunlight is reflected in the mirror as it warms the opposite room.

These gorgeous blooms fill the little glass pitcher to bursting providing an exuberant statement to be treasured. Blooming flowers signify hope and in mid-Winter hope for the Spring to come is a very good thing.

Here’s a look from the opposite side of the hall showing the length of the scarf as it carries the eye directly to the flowers.

A simple little Thrift Store glass pitcher was the perfect way to brighten my day!

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