Sometimes a visit to the Thrift Store results in a large haul and sometimes a small one. However, even a small haul can be quite valuable.

The goblets above are an example of that. These cut glass crystal glasses are by a company called Astral. The pattern name s “Peerage” and they were made beginning in 1985 through 2003. Honestly, I hadn’t come across this maker before but when I looked up these glasses I found that they were valued at $60 each. The cost of these glasses was $10 for all six glasses. A nice find.

Also found a roll of 50 yd wired ribbon by Kirkland for $2. Nice and wide this will work for lots of projects.

A beautiful pillar candle in Harvest colors in the original packaging with original labels was $2. It will make a nice addition to a fall tablescape or vignette.

The last find that outing was a set of four Franciscan tea glasses. They have a beautiful filagree pattern covering the glass making them look quite delicate. The pattern is Cerise and they are valued at somewhere around $30 per piece. The cost was 85 cents per glass. This was another case of very dirty crystal.

Often it’s not how much you buy but the quality of the pieces you select for purchase. Good luck on our next thrifting adventure.

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5 thoughts on “January Thrifting

  1. I loved your finds! I had to smile at the ribbon; I am a ribbon ADDICT and whenever I find some on clearance or in a thrift store, I almost HAVE to get it. I make a lots of wreathes and always need bows! When you have a BIG roll, you can be generous with the length of the tails! Those Franciscan glasses are AWESOME! I hit a local salvage store this week; on Fri, everything in the store is $10. By Wed., everything is $2. You KNOW what day I go! Got a $44.95 Disney LS T-shirt for Al’s great niece for $2. Her purple and Nightmare before Christmas design (a family fave). Lot of the stuff is Amazon returns and unsold Target clearance–better prices than our local Goodwills!

    1. Thanks, Kathy. Your salvage store sounds like a great place to shop. Ribbon is a definite essential for all kinds of projects. It’s good to have a lot on hand. The Disney shirt was a great find. Thanks for sharing and good luck next time out shopping.

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