There’s something about the peace of January after the activities of December that is very appealing. The color and decorations that come out for the holidays make way for the more tranquil palate of winter. Life takes a breath and releases a sigh of contentment. Reflecting that renewed calm in home decor seems like a gift to the spirit. Welcome, Friends, to a January Dining Hutch display.

You can see from the picture above that white features strongly in this display. White plates with a lovely scalloped edge and a beautifully simple white teapot stand out on the cherry background of the hutch.

A white wooden dove rests beside my Grandmother’s tea set as it sits on a silver tray. The Blues and splashes of pink on the china are the only color on the hutch.

A milk pitcher and small plate are the sole occupants of this part of the hutch. they sit together companionably on the shelf.

Plates and teapots, pitchers and sugar containers all rest peacefully together. Different china sets intermingle creating a restful setting.

The dining table is set with a wide white runner with cutouts and embroidery adding interest. A long box with copper accents matches the color of the table and holds decorative balls that pick up the colors in the painting over the tea cart.

Here’s a closer look at the runner, box and decorative balls. The mirror reflects other parts of the room.

A restful change from the color of the holiday season. All the decor items are, of course, thrifted. LOL The box my Hubby made for me and the painting is one we commissioned from a folk artist that tells the story of our first five years together.


11 thoughts on “Winter Display in the Hutch

  1. I so enjoy your posts. You really have a knack for displaying and using all your finds in very appealing ways. Your room is lovely. The pieces in the hutch look so great. How do you store all your other things?

    1. Thanks so much, Elle. I do try to use the pieces I find so they don’t just sit in a cupboard. I get a lot of questions about storage. I am fortunate to have a lot of built-in storage that is original to the house. I also have a clever hubby who has pt in additional storage for me. I have a seasonal rotation system so I store things away that are not in the current season. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Such an original and meaningful idea to capture the 5 years of your relationship in that picture. ❤️

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