Black and white is such a great combination for a table setting. Add in a little gold and you are all set. Welcome, Friends, for a look at a thrifted tablescape using black and white with a touch of gold.

I found this great tablecloth at a Thrift Store recently for only a couple of dollars. It’s a paisley pattern with black and off-white and some gold color mixed in. I loved the look of this and knew it would make a great base for a table setting.

The plate stack starts with this great charger by Fishes Eddy. It shows a New York City skyline in black on off-white. Next comes this simple but elegant dinner plate by Wedgewood. Finally a black salad/dessert plate that didn’t have a maker’s mark. Love how elegant it looks. Each of these china pieces was from a Thrift Store. They were all bought at different times and now come together in a lovely setting.

The crystal stemware is by Vera Wang. I know it seems impossible to find something like this in a Thrift Store but…my Hubby and I walked in to one of our local Thrift Stores a couple of years ago. At the front of the store they have two display cases that hold more expensive makers. This day one of the cases held a set of 8 red and 8 white wine glasses by Vera Wang. We looked it up online to verify the maker and decided to purchase them. The cost was $80 which is more than I usually spend on an item but I also had a half off coupon. I was able to purchase the 16 pieces for a total of $40…less than the cost of one glass at a retail store. Can you imagine?

The stemware is simple and elegant and perfect with the tablecloth.

The flatware is a burnished black set called, Montana. Found this recently and I have used it frequently. It is one of my everyday kitchen sets. Found four, 5-piece place settings for $7.99. Another real bargain and I love how they look on the table. They have quite a weight to them as well. The black napkin beneath the flatware is linen and another Thrift Store find. Usually napkins are priced at 50 cents a piece and I try to buy when they have a 25% off sale.

The centerpiece is made up of two wrought iron candlesticks with black candles and a beautiful crystal vase filled with white mums. The vase is a long rectangle which makes it a bit more modern. The wrought iron candlesticks are a recent Thrift Store find and the candles are also from the Thrift Store. The vase is from my Mom and a cherished piece. The picture above shows the whole table.

It’s not easy to find a whole table setting at one time but picking up pieces as you see them with a goal in mind is very doable. I keep a running list on my phone of pieces I need for particular colors or genre such as Art Deco, or Modern, or Victorian and check my list when I see something that might work. I also keep a color list in mind. If I have pieces from a particular maker, I’ll note the number needed, sizes, and even a picture to help me when I’m looking. Thrifting allows me to have a number of different settings I can mix and match for very little money. Good luck on your next adventure at the Thrift Store.


6 thoughts on “Thrifted Winter Table Setting

  1. Very pretty! I enjoyed your thoughts about keeping a list on your phone for filling in missing pieces when thrifting, as well as the prices of your fabulous finds. I set mental limits on what I’m willing to pay when thrifting, so your linen napkin price guide was helpful. I’m still struggling with how and where to store my growing collection of tablescape items…out of the way, yet handy enough to use without forgetting about them.

    1. Storage is a never ending challenge. I find it helps to categorize linens by color or by season. then you can switch them out easily and pack away what you aren’t using. I hang my tablecloths on hangers in a spare closet. that helps too and you can easily see the patterns and colors. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a beautiful table! It is wonderful how all your separate pieces came together to create this enchanting look. I enjoy reading your blog but I must say, the thrift stores I go to don’t offer very much. I live in NC, your neighboring state, but we aren’t blessed with lots of thrifting opportunities.

    1. Hi Darlene, I shop in “color families” for china and linens. Blues, whites, grays, blacks all go together. Then you can add in some pink or yellow which still goes with the first group and so on. Black and white go with pretty much everything. I am very lucky to have so many good thrift stores close by. Having said that, the choices seem slimmer the last few months for china, crystal and silver. I think it sometimes goes in waves. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

  3. The feel of this table is laid back classy, primarily because of the soft paisley tablecloth pattern . I have a black/white cloth that has a modern graphic bold design – a very different feel. I have YET to find suitable black china wares for it. I find it difficult to create with it, even with trying to introduce a 3rd color.

    1. I have the same problem with some tablecloths. You just can’t find the china that makes it look special or that is a good combination of color and pattern. If you have a bold graphic, try simple white dishes with a splash of color in flowers for the centerpiece. Add some pretty crystal and flatware and that might work. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

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