It’s the first Friday in January and I was gathering some china and books on a tray to put them away. I thought how pretty everything looked kind of jumbled together and decided to turn it into a little countertop tray vignette. Welcome, Friends, to a bit of thrifted tray winter therapy.

This vignette began with a tin tray bordered in bamboo. I found it a few months ago at the Thrift Store and brought it home. I placed a folded tea towel in gray and white on the tray to cushion the china.

The china was a collection of small plates I used to serve some goodies and I was getting ready to put them away. I noticed how pretty they looked all jumbled together with the different patterns showing and the slightly off-kilter stack. I had a couple of tea cups stacked on top and somehow they looked right at home. A Wedgewood pitcher was another item on the tray and…

…a couple of books on tea I had been perusing were also in the pile of things to put away.

Flowers are always around the house and this large bouquet of mums were from the grocery store. They were collected in a crystal vase and just happened to match the colors on the top Tea book.

Having a collection of thrifted china plates and cups to mix and match is quite fun. In this stack are Spode, Mikasa and Susan Cooper plates and the cups are Mikasa with a wedgewood pitcher…all thrifted. The tray and tea towel were also thrifted and the books too. Throw in the thrifted crystal vase and you have a “thrifted” kitchen counter vignette that came together in a serendipity way.

Such fun to have you share this with me. Have a great week!


12 thoughts on “Thrifted Winter Tray

  1. I love it when that happens! THX for the reminder to stop and appreciate when things just come together spontaneously!!

  2. Very fun way to display china! It’s so fun to shop at thrift stores and find bargains to decorate with on a budget. Blessings to you!

  3. MY stacks of stuff to be put away NEVER look so pretty! Today I stumbled up from the cellar with a small paper bag of groceries in one hand and an armload of laundry that needed to be folded in the other!!! And my pretties to price for my booth were still in the dishwasher! Wish I had your thrift stores in my area! You always find such pretty items!

    1. Believe me, Kathy, I have my loads of laundry days too. It makes the pretty things even better . We are lucky to have some great Thrift Stores. I’ve shopped in other parts of the country and not had as much luck. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your booth.

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