Welcome, Friends, to a quick jaunt to the Thrift Store…the last one of 2022. Thrift stores are filled this time of year with people looking for decorations, clothes and home decor for the holidays. For regular thrifters the crowds can be a bit daunting. I’ll be sharing a few recent finds with you today. It’s a bit of a mixed bag but that makes it more interesting.

First up are the spheres pictured above. These are really large and found at Goodwill. The spheres are 5″ in diameter, extremely heavy and possibly made from Muscovite with ruby inclusions. My Hubby is still researching these. If you know anything about them, please let me know. In any case they are quite striking.

These very sweet ruffled placemats came home with me. They are really pretty and look brand new. Love the floral pattern in the pinks and green. They’d be pretty any time of the year on your table.

While we’re talking linens, how about this great set of 6 Lenox placemats and 6 matching napkins for $5. You can see they still have the tags on each piece. They are a very soft yellow with a holly pattern covering the linen.

This great little tree with a wooden trunk as a base came home with me. It has five white birds perched around the tree with a little bit of flocking and some pinecones. It looks very festive and stands about 2 1/2 feet high. I love to collect these little trees and plan to use them in next year’s Christmas decor.

A second tree in a white pottery base found it’s way into my cart. This one boasts a bright red cardinal and some red berries peeking through the foliage. It’s a great size for a table. I’ll probably touch up the base so it looks brand new.

It’s such fun to find quality ornaments especially when they come in the original boxes with the original information included. This is a Lenox ornament that depicts a nutcracker drummer. It is in perfect condition.

The second Lenox ornament is a skiing Santa. He is fat and jolly and will be perfect as part of next year’s decor.

The third Lenox ornament I found is another jolly Santa. This one is carrying his pack of toys and has a hand raised in greeting. They sell online for a quite substantial amount of money. I love finding them at a Thrift Store but it is always a puzzle to me how items like this end up at a Thrift Store.

Hope you all have great luck on your next thrifting adventure and a very Happy Holiday season!


16 thoughts on “What I Found at the Thrift Store

  1. You did very well! I don’t know anything about the spheres, but they remind me of Asian decor.
    I am usually sick of Christmas decor at this time, but know it’s the best time to find great bargains. I did find a few items on clearance (dishes, no surprise there, lol).
    Happy New Year, Lynne.

  2. Loved seeing your treasures! I think people must thin out their ornaments occasionally and discard ones that have little personal value to them, (i.e., divorce, preference for theme trees, etc.). Glad they came to someone who will appreciate them! I’d add some more birds, birdhouses, nests with eggs, etc. to your trees caz I am a maximalist and a bird lover, but the simplicity is very serene! I hit several stores yesterday (my tradition) and started a stash of paper, tags, socks, dish towels, pot holders, etc. for next year’s theme baskets (raffles, church bazaar, and gifts). Bought 3 1/2 off Christmas houses for 17 yo granddaughter who is suddenly interested in having a village. Extension cord, snow blanket, packs of trees/arbors/light posts, etc. It’s a start for next year! Will hopefully thrift some houses over the course of the year! I wrapped about $500 worth of presents for church Giving Tree presents for kids (I was reimbursed for the non-mine gifts) so I NEEDED a good stash of paper. One of my fave gifts I gave was a GW Dale Earnhart teddy for Al’s sister who loves Teddies and DE and Nascar. I used child’s wrapping paper with racecars on it! She KNEW the paper had significance before she opened it and was pleased! Love it when you make a hit!

    1. Sounds like you give a lot of thought to your gifts. That’s so nice for the recipients. Looks like you got a great start to next year’s Christmas. It’s been so cold here, I haven’t done much shopping. It’s a great time to look for bargains. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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