I’m adding a little Christmas cheer to the den with red and white and some cozy textiles. This jolly penguin holds the “Jingle All The Way” sign setting the mood for a comfortable and happy time relaxing in this sunny room. I found the penguin at a Thrift Store a few months ago and the sign a few weeks later. They seemed made for one another. Welcome, Friends, I’m so happy you are visiting today as I share some holiday finds and decor with you.

There’s a large cabinet in this room which holds a collection of crystal and some china in the lower cupboards. The glass in the doors in the bottom half of the cabinet have been covered in Christmas wrapping paper. The cabinet came from an old store in a little town in Indiana. One of the upper cabinets has a bullet hole in the glass…so the story goes. It makes for a nice conversation starter and much speculation over the years.

Birch trees are coupled with cardinals for a wintery look. Cardinals bring their bright red wings to the picture to brighten the wintry setting. This was an easy DIY and I change out the paper every so often to give a different look to the room. This one fits in well with a wintry theme.

A trio of cross stitch pictures welcome the season as they sit on the shelf between the upper and lower cabinets.

The carpet in this room is another Thrift Store find and has stood up really well. It’s 100% wool and feels good underfoot as well as bringing a lot of color into the room.

The coffee table holds a selection of Christopher Radko pieces starting with the Santa Train that rests on the tabletop. These pieces were originally sold by Dillards. The engine and the first car were sold one year and the following year they came out with another car filled with toys and a caboose. Each car is beautifully made and holds delightful toys and figures for good boys and girls. Santa is the driver and keeps the train on it’s delivery schedule. I found these pieces for sale in a Thrift Store a few years ago and couldn’t resist bringing them home. It turns out they are quite rare and even fewer people have the whole set. I love to bring it out at Christmas.

Another Christopher Radko piece rests on the bottom shelf of the table and a cheerful Santa waves from the Engine. I picked this up at a Thrift Store last year. I am always surprised at the wonderful pieces that are given to Thrift Stores but I am also delighted that I can give them a new home.

A double sheepskin covers the sofa and has such a cozy feel. A brand new pillow in a velvety red has the first initial of our last name in the center surrounded by a wreath of pine and holly. It brings that wonderful red color up to the sofa and adds to that cozy feel.

Just a few changes turned this room from Fall into a warm Winter room. It’s wonderful to relax here with a cup of tea and the sun pouring in the windows. A few lovely Christmas pieces and some fun elements make this room so inviting.

The den opens into the hallway where the holiday red continues with the hallway carpets. You can see a Christmas vignette through the double doors of the den.

The hall sideboard serves as the base for this welcome vignette. A Fitz & Floyd deer is placed in the center of the space. Two woodland trees flank the deer with textured silver trees of varying heights close by. Candles surrounded by glass cylinders are set in the back part of the sideboard.

Here’s a look from the other side and shows the reflection of the den in the mirror. A crystal wreath hangs in the mirror and sparkles in the light from the windows and light fixtures.

This deer is a favorite and is beautifully made.

It’s a pleasure to share this little bit of Christmas with you. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season as you enjoy Friends and Family.

Tuesday I’ll be joining a fabulous group of Bloggers for the annual Christmas Tablescape Blog Hop. I hope you will join me for a great look at lots of table setting ideas.


20 thoughts on “Christmas in the Den

  1. That cabinet is fabulous! I am so jealous. I live in Indiana so I wonder where you found it? And how on earth did you get a huge piece like that transported to your state (whichever one it is)!!!

    1. Hi Nicki, it is a wonderful cabinet and holds a lot of stuff. We purchased it in LaPorte, Indiana years ago and, fortunately, had great movers to bring it to South Carolina. LaPort has/had a lot of antique stores when we lived in Indiana. Not sure about now. Anyway, good luck looking and thanks for commenting.

  2. The thing I liked best about your den was that big ray of sunshine on your couch. I could cuddle down with a good book in that spot. I have a cat that would love that spot, too! As my grandfather was a model railroader, I have a soft spot for trains and loved that vignette! The detail of your reindeer was really awesome!

  3. My daughter and I love to thrift as well. I have a thrifted snowman on my front porch and sign on my balcony door. Your things are lovely! I especially love the first picture. Hope you are having a great weekend!

    1. Thanks so much. Thrifting is a great hobby and really helps stretch your home decor budget. I loved finding the penguin. Thanks for visiting and sharing. Can’t meet too many other thrifters.

  4. Your winter den is perfect. Your score of Christopher Radko pieces is perfectly displayed front & center. Finally, that cabinet for your glassware/china is fabulous!

    1. I was so lucky to find the Christopher Radio pieces. They are really lovely and make wonderful display pieces. I love the cabinet especially because it holds a lot of stuff and I have a lot of stuff. LOL Thanks for visiting and sharing.

  5. Your entryway vignette is gorgeous, Lynne, and your den absolutely cozy! Your Christopher Radko train set is an amazing find, only one of many you always manage to snag. I like that dapper deer standing among the trees too. 😉 love the wall cabinet and its story. Did you sew two sheepskin together, or did it come that way? I love the feel of sheepskin and curly lamb also. Merry December!

    1. Hi Rita, the Christopher Radio is one of my favorites to display. It’s as detailed as a Fitz & Floyd piece. The deer is a very cool “Lord of the Forest”. The sheepskin came already put together from an upscale consignment store in my area. It’s quite versatile and has held many spots in our house over the years. Have a wonderful Holiday and thanks for sharing.

  6. So much fun all your details. Really love the room as a whole…so inviting and cozy. Can’t even imagine how that sheepskin feels! Sandi and hope you have a lovely season!

    1. Thanks, Sandi. I was up late last night and before going to bed spent a few quiet moments in this space. The sheepskin Is warm and cuddly and the room looks out over house bright with Christmas lights. It was a nice moment for reflecting on the many blessings my life holds. thanks for visiting and sharing.

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