A candlelight dinner is such a magical, romantic way to celebrate the holidays. Creating a beautiful setting for a wonderful holiday meal is made up of a number of pieces all coming together to compliment one another and create a magical whole. Welcome, Friends, as I take you on a tour of the Dining Room. It is such a busy time of year I hope you’ll take a few moments to relax and share this special space with me today.

The setting begins with a red tablecloth topped by a white lace overlay. A gold and silver mesh runner is centered down the length of the table. The red shows through the lace and the runner creating the base for the china, flatware, and crystal.

Flocked tabletop trees were added to each end of the dining table. The trees are decorated in silver, gold and blue. Each tree has a beautiful bird at the top looking benevolently down on the guests and continuing the Woodland theme that appears around the room.

This wonderful Fitz & Floyd deer is centered in the table flanked by white candles in crystal holders surrounded by glass pillars. The trees are on the other side of the candles.

Here you can see the trees, candles and deer that make up the centerpiece. They run the length of the table creating a forest-like vignette.

The plate stack begins with a newly thrifted glass charger made in Italy. It is beautifully inscribed with raised glass flowers and a gold background around the rim. The center of the charger is backed with silver. Next comes a dinner plate by Fitz & Floyd, Christmas Holly. I found these last year at a Thrift Store and quickly brought them to the check-out. The pattern is an older one but is very appealing with holly berries edged in gold floating around the rim of the plate. Finally, gold snowflake plates by Vietri, another Thrift Store find, are at the top of the plate stack. These salad/dessert plates have an irregular, wavy edge that makes the plates quite appealing. An old gold embellished Christmas tree place holder sits central on the Vietri plate.

Spode flatware in the Christmas Tree pattern is paired with the plate stack. These pieces are lovely and were found in Goodwill. I have a set of 12 place settings with additional pieces for serving, shrimp, and steak. I love bringing them out for the holidays.

Waterford crystal water and wine glasses add to the sparkle.

Gold and silver napkins are nestled in Waterford napkin rings. They catch the light and look beautiful on the table. These napkin rings were found this year in a Thrift Store. I couldn’t believe my luck.

A look at the complete place setting with the napkins. Even though each plate is quite different they all work together to create the holiday feel of the tablescape.

The hutch is decorated for the holiday season. I have a lot of Christmas dishes so chose a few pieces from different patterns to display here. A burnished tea set by Michael Aram is displayed with a white dove. Sheep and silver trees share a central spot on the hutch. A cherished tea set from my Grandmother is set on a silver tray and flanked by white reindeer. Green hand thrown pottery is in the lower section of the hutch. Three angels watch over Family and Friends as they dine. They are surrounded by the lights and foliage of the Christmas season.

Some close-ups of the hutch for you to enjoy.

The teacart below the folk art picture of our family’s first five years is filled with a selection of Christmas trees and forest deer. I love using mixed metals and colors in the display.

At night the scene is magical. Flickering candlelight mixes with the twinkling light of the Woodland tree and garlands.

Candles are added to the teacart making it glow in the soft light.

The table is so pretty you want to linger sharing laughter and conversation.

This would work well as a Winter table. You could remove the red under cloth and just keep the lace for a second look using all the same pieces. Hope you’ve enjoyed this look at my dining Room. Have a wonderful week during this lovely holiday season!


11 thoughts on “Christmas in the Dining Room

  1. Very pretty! Love your plate stack, Fitz and Floyd deer and your hutch decor! You find really great items out thrifting. Merry, Merry! Patti

    1. Thanks, Patti. It’s fun to run across a real treasure at the Thrift Store. Glad you liked the china. I love to mix and match for a new look each time. Enjoy this holiday season and thanks for visiting and sharing.

    1. I love finding snowflake plates, ornaments, and any other snowflake. Italians really make beautiful dishes so it’s nice to discover them when shopping. thanks for stopping by and sharing. Have a great week.

  2. So many lovely vintage things, not sure which I love the most. I did spot the moriage tea set….on the buffet…gorgeous. You are definitely ready for the holidays. From V Charm, Sandi

  3. Oh my goodness Lynne, I hope your family appreciates how they are surrounded by your beauty and thoughtfulness as I dine in this space. To have items from your Grandmothers as well as the art of your family’s first five years alongside all the cherished pieces you’ve collected make an enjoyable and special experience for you all.

    1. Thanks so much, Maria. I am so fortunate to have an appreciative and extremely helpful family. Couldn’t do the Blog without them. Appreciate you stopping by and sharing. Have a very Happy Holiday!

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