Decorating for the holidays…it’s time! Today I’m going to share with you two projects for Winter and holiday decor. The first is my Morning Room Chandelier pictured above. The second is the Woodland Tree that sits at the edge of the Dining Room. Welcome, Friends, to a little bit of decorating fun.

I really enjoy the look of the chandelier in the Morning Room and I decorate it for various holidays. This year I began by wrapping an ivy garland around the chandelier. Then I attached some live magnolia to the chandelier in-between the lamps. The Magnolia was cleaned and then sprayed with Wilt Stop to prevent curling and drying so it will last longer. I just used some wire to secure everything to the chandelier. Really simple.

I have a collection of Waterford Snowflakes that I love to display around the holidays and throughout the Winter months. They come with lovely hangers filled with crystal pieces that are perfect for suspending them from the chandelier. They catch the light from the windows and from the light fixture. Each snowflake is different and beautiful, sparkling suspended in the air.

Then I attach icicles in varying lengths in-between the snowflakes. They are made from recycled glass and look lovely next to the snowflakes. There are 10 snowflakes around the light fixture and 10 icicles. When you sit at the table looking up it is quite spectacular.

In the background is the gallery wall filled with Winter fun.

Here you can see the chandelier as you look out to the backyard. Wooden trees made by my Hubby sit on the window sills and a pottery house by Gary Huntoon holds the center space. Above the trees are Magnolia wreaths and swags hidden in this view by the chandelier.

Now for the tree.

I usually set up two trees during the holidays. The Family Tree sits in the Great Room and the second tree in the Dining Room. This tree can be seen from the hallway as you enter the house and is a nice way to greet guests. The Dining Room tree changes each year and… this year it is a Woodland Tree. All the ornaments have been found at Thrift Stores over the years and now have a second chance to shine. In the picture above you can see a beautiful ornament featuring a wolf. It brings to mind a forest deep in snow with a bright moon shining above as the wolf makes his way silently through the trees. I’ll show you how this tree came together.

The tree was set up and the branches fluffed and arranged…always the first step. The ornaments were unpacked and laid out on the table. Then I added some sparkly ribbon. It is quite stiff and covered in glistening sprinkles.

Larger ornaments were added first and set a little bit back into the tree. Here’s another beautifully made wolf ornament. These are welded together like stained glass pieces and have a metal wolf at the top of each ornament. The ornaments all show different paintings of wolves.

Above you can see some of the larger ornaments that decorate the tree. A deer admires a tree filled with birds, Canadian Geese fly through the Winter sky, a moose paces through the forest in a snow storm, an owl perches high in the tree, A bright, red cardinal perches near some red berries and even a snowman gifts his happy smile to the tree.

Feathered birds with fluffy feathers share the space with a Partridge in a Pear Tree. Merry Christmas is the message inscribed on slices of woodland branches.

This tree will be the home of all the woodland inhabitants throughout the holiday season.

At the very top of the tree a peacock watches over all the denizens of the forest smiling down as they celebrate in their own Woodland Forest way.

Crocheted snowflakes made by my talented sister-in-law, Carole, have graced our trees since our very first one. Such fun keeping traditions alive while adding new ones to the celebration. Hope you have a wonderful time decorating your homes for the holidays and the Winter season.


10 thoughts on “Woodland Tree and Chandelier Decorations

  1. I have just recently discovered your blog, and want to thank you for the inspiration! I love how you break down the steps of your projects and explain the design logic. The length of your posts is just right for me — appreciate how you give just enough detail without overwhelming the reader. Thank you! –Pam

    1. Hi Pam, so happy you found your way to the Blog. I appreciate the kind words and try to make each posting appealing and readable. There will be lots of holiday decor posts coming up so hope you will continue to visit. Happy Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Beautiful, Lynne! Your chandelier and window are just gorgeous. A perfect setting for your woodland tree.

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