This is a bit late being posted. It’s been a really busy week with another one to come. Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving? The shopping, cooking, cleaning and…finally, the gathering together holds such anticipation for a wonderful day. I started today’s tablescape with some pink flowers. Thought I’d walk you through a “thrifted” table setting from the base to the finish.

With pink in mind the foundation is set with a “pretty in pink” embroidered tablecloth topped with a large, pink-striped shawl I used as a table topper. Then a white charger was added to the table. This one is porcelain and quite plain. The tablecloth, topper and chargers are all thrifted.

The plates are by Mikasa with a grey and silver border on the outer and inner rims and then two-tone roses are scattered across the plate. A little muted green picks up the green in the table topper. The pink looks purple in the photos but in real life it actually matches the two pinks in the plates. The plates were thrifted this past Summer.

A silver salad/dessert plate is set on the dinner plate with a crystal sherbert, which will be filled with fruit, and a silver-plated spoon for the fruit. The silver dessert plate really reflects the light. The silver plates were a recent thrift find.

The crystal matches the sherbet dish keeping thinks casual and pretty. All the crystal was recently thrifted. I was able to find a set of white, red, and sherbert pieces. they are quite nice together.

The napkins are from two different fabrics. The first is a dark grey and the second is pictured above consisting of pale and dark grey stripes on a white background. They pick up on the black and grey in the table topper. The napkins are held in a silver-plated jingle bells napkin ring.

The silver plate flatware is my favorite fluted pattern. It’s simple but striking creating a contrast with the busy topper.

The flowers are in a lovely crystal vase and set in the center of the table.

Looking towards the window the table is warm and simple with a little bit of pink. Pink is not usual for the holidays but it is happy and the topper is quite cozy. A nice setting for the beginning of the holiday season.


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  1. As always, your table is beautifully done.I wouldn’t have thot of pink for Thanksgiving, but it a color I love!

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