Another day, another thrift…this time in Hendersonville, NC. We drove up there to see the changing leaves and stopped at a couple of our favorite shops. The leaves were just starting to change the look of the landscape. We’ll probably go back next week to see them at their peek. Welcome, Friends, to the last October Thrift.

Found this really nice linen tablecloth..I love the background color and the scattering of Fall leaves and berries across the cloth. It will be great for Fall or Winter.

Next were these stick placemats that I have already used in a table setting. I like the casual look and the variegated shades of brown.

This lighthouse was a very colorful piece that will go with another find come Spring. The colors are great…love those blues.

These 11 nicely sized pumpkins were $2. I’ll probably keep them for next year but especially liked the gold-colored ones.

A cascade of five individual picks was another good find for a couple of dollars. This will fit in with my Woodland Theme for Christmas.

I couldn’t pass up this great witch’s hat for $2.50. It’s a great size for a centerpiece and made quite well with a wire frame around which the hat is built. The black and white stripes are an added bonus.

These beautiful glasses by Fitz & Floyd are embellished with copper in a lovely geometric pattern. You’ll see these in my Thanksgiving table setting. These glasses are really great and you can see the maker’s mark on the stem.

Lastly, another set of glasses. There are a total of 16 glasses with water goblets, champagnes, and wines. I liked the fluted shape and the stems are quite lovely. It’s fun to run across a nice set at a very inexpensive price. I definitely need more glasses. LOL

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12 thoughts on “Late October Thrifting

    1. Tablecloths are such great things to find at a Thrift Store. I always take them off the hanger and lay them out to check them for stains or tears. Looks a little funny in the store but definitely worth the time. Thanks for stopping by and happy thrifting.

    1. We visit Thrift Stores in other areas when we travel and they definitely vary by location. The prices and the items are all different. I’m pretty lucky to live near some great thrift Stores. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  1. Oooooh, you found MORE stick placemats!!!! Great luck. I like all of your finds (we all ‘need’ more glassware, lol) except the pumpkins. I have an AVERSION to any and all things glitter, no exceptions, not even birthday cards and the like. That’s about as extreme as I get, though, lol.

    1. The stick placemats are great and the crystal. I like a little glitter now and them but understand why others don’t. It is messy sometimes and you definitely have to have the right setting and combination of items to display. That’s why decorating is such fun. Everyone gets to choose what they like best. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Always love to receive comments.

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