October is such a great month to be out and about and to drop into your favorite Thrift Stores just to see what they might have. Welcome, Friends, as I share some recent finds from a visit to two local Thrift Stores.

I also want to invite you to attend the Annual Halloween Tablescape Blog Hop where a group of talented blogging friends, led by Rita at Panoply, are getting together to share their ideas for setting some spectacular Halloween tables. Hope to see you there.

First up is this very cute sign for the holidays. Behind the cutout is a sweater fabric to keep you warm and cozy. Loved the bold red cutout design. $2.00 after a 25% discount.

This brown, round, tablecloth was a nice find as I didn’t have that color. Great for a Fall tablescape and only $2.25.

These blown glass balls are quite beautiful. They are meant to grace a bowl on a coffee table, maybe mixed in with some holiday greens?

The wooden box covered on the outside with holiday sentiments in a happy red and the “Eat, Drink and be Merry” sign will make nice additions this holiday season. About $2 for the two.

I found this really nice crochet set for 75 cents. I’ve been known to make a scarf or two during the winter months. Crocheting is very soothing.

I found this great woven basket built on a wire frame and lined with a heavy plastic. It’s definitely suitable for planting and sits upright on a flat bottom. Planted with some lovely flowers and wrapped in a simple bow this will be really pretty. Paid more than I normally do for baskets but really liked it…$3.

I was excited to find this set of napkin rings at the local Goodwill. These twelve napkin rings representing “The Twelve Days of Christmas” are by Pottery Barn and sell for upwards of $60 on line. I found them for $2.25. You can believe they went quickly into my cart. If you follow the Blog you know that I have a collection of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” ornaments that I use each year to decorate the tree. These napkin rings will be great for a Holiday table setting.

I like to pick-up watercolors by local artists when I can and this was a very colorful one with a serene setting. The frame needs a little sanding and restaining but everything else was in excellent condition. This will look great on the gallery wall this Spring or Summer. It was just over $3.

In addition to the Pottery Barn napkin rings, which were a super find, these wonderful glasses made it into the cart. They were also from the local Goodwill. Sometimes you happen to be in the right place at the right time. My Hubby was in the aisle that had the dishes and miscellaneous small things when an employee brought out a cart of glassware. These glasses were part of that cart of glassware that was just being put on the shelves. My Hubby grabbed these glasses and put them in the cart so we could check and see what they were.

It turns out that these glasses were made by Seneca Glass Company, probably in the 1920’s. Seneca glassware was used by Mrs. Roosevelt, when she entertained King George VI, Ladybird Johnson and Jacqueline Kennedy during their tenure in the White House.

The molten glass was gathered on a rod by a glass worker and pre-shaped to fit an iron mold produced by a Seneca artisan. Once it had been formed it would be allowed to cool slowly and then would be passed to a glass worker for cutting, grinding and polishing.

The glasses are beautifully cut from very thin crystal and are a bit fragile. To find six glasses in perfect, although filthy, condition was a real find. They were 75 cents each for a total of $4.50. Since I’m keeping all the items above, I don’t mind sharing the prices with you.

It was a good day at the Thrift Store with lots of great buys that you’ll be seeing in future Blogs. Hope you find some treasures the next time you go thrifting!


8 thoughts on “Early October Thrifting

    1. The glassware was pretty unexpected and special as were the napkin rings. You never know what you’re going to find when you go out thrifting. Hope you have success on our next treasure hunt. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  1. Love every single item especially the glassware. I’ve 2 sets of 12 very similar, however 1/2 of each set have a tiny fleabite chip in the rim. I’ve yet to order a file online to see if I can smooth out all of the rims. P.S. it’s been decades since I’ve crocheted. I’ve got 2 trunks filled with 1/2 finished projects, yarn, and needles, LOL.

    1. We have actually tried our hand at filing down a chip. It was pretty successful. My Hubby used “Black Grit Double Sides” by AM Right Thirty. He found it on Amazon. Sounds like lots of projects to keep you out of trouble over the winter months. LOL Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. Popped over from the random-osity blog party to admire your haul. Love the colorful crotchet needles.

  3. Oh, you are truly a joy. Thank you for the lovely blog. I don’t always respond, but I always enjoy.

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